Windows to Russia: Vacation Pictures in Israel – Part 2!


Today we have more pictures of Israel.

I do not know what this is but I liked it! 🙂
This belonged with the picture above.
I do not know?
This is what Israel looks like!
At 200 meters above Sea level but we end up 500 meters below Sea level!
Rocks and more rocks and more rocks!
Dead Sea and you just float around!
This is how we are going to stay next time we visit the Dead Sea!
Again not sure what they put the rocks here for. But it was an overlook area!
Caves everywhere!
Looks strange, but it means for the flash floods from the mountains.
Typical City!

We may post one more round of pictures. We have lots and it is hard to decide what to post. We decided not to post the pictures of the normal attraction but to post pictures that you do not see on the internet all the time.

We hope that you enjoy!

Kyle & Svet