Windows To Russia: Who Visits?


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and I told my Wife, I was not going to write today.

Well looks like I lied. (Sorry Sweetie)

I am cooking down apples and making apple sauce. So while I am doing that I am thinking of how many countries that I have missed on my post. Link, to the World: The other link to the World:

This is a very important subject to me. I find it exciting when a new country stops by. These are the countries in no certain order.

Russian Federation, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Malaysia, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Taiwan, Philippines, Sweden, South Africa, Belgium, Finland, Republic of Korea, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Hungary, Italy, New Zealand, Indonesia , Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Singapore, Egypt, Ireland, Denmark, Israel, Pakistan, Slovak Republic, Barbados, Austria, Belize, Kuwait, Czech Republic, Iran, Brazil, Jordan, Serbia and Montenegro, China, Panama, Ukraine, Cyprus, Croatia/Hrvatska, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Senegal, Sudan, Palestinian Territories, Oman, Mexico, Northern Mariana Islands, Mongolia, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Morocco, Latvia, Lithuania, Kenya, Japan, Uruguay and Malta, Others!

76 countries including others, (I would like to know what other means).
When I started to track this we had 48 countries. So in one month we have really gained a lot. I am also proud of my Wife she has kept me on track with this project and we have not missed a single country!

Svet and I really appreciate everyone who stops by and has a look at the site. I will keep updating the site and we have a goal to have every country visit us.


comments always welcome.