Windows to Russia!

Ok – So I am crazy and a little bit nuts.

But I had to do the switch. I had to put “Windows to Russia” on her own new name domain and make the title match the domain.

Why! You ask?

I really am not sure… But it was something I had to do and I hope that it recovers soon. I had almost 4000 page views a day. The site had approached a 1000 regular readers everyday. The site was looking at 300 Google’s a day on a bad day. The site just broke the 200 barrier on Feedburner. It was being stumbled upon 200 to 300 hits a day. The site also has almost 1600 posts. So Why..

Because in the end “Windows to Russia” will be much better off and stronger. Google has already non indexed for me. Google was right on the switch. I never had to install a robot tag to do it. Google did it for me. Google has already started to index the new domain and they gave me pointers on sitemaps for the new domain.

Now all did not go perfect because Blogger Blogspot has some weird habits and does not allow a smooth transition to happen. Blogger does not allow a good 301 permanent redirect to take place. So according to Google rules I have done the best I can and created my own redirect.

So far Google is working with it… (I even have 6 search engines already! :))

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.