World’s First Anti-COVID Vaccine to be Registered in Russia Next Week

This should upset the apple cart of the western world…

Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko earlier said that mass vaccination in Russia is expected to kick off in October. According to the minister, all expenses will be covered from the state budget. Russia will register its first vaccine against the coronavirus on 12 August, Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev said Friday. ” At the moment, the last, third, stage is underway. The trials are extremely important. We have to understand that the vaccine must be safe. Medical professionals and senior citizens will be the first to get vaccinated,” Gridnev told reporters at the opening of a cancer centre building in the city of Ufa.According to the minister, the effectiveness of the vaccine will be judged when the population has developed an immunity. The vaccine has been developed jointly by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Russian Defence Ministry.

Source: World’s First Anti-COVID Vaccine to be Registered in Russia Next Week – Sputnik International

And they do not even make the Russians pay for it….now for this American….I have to pay! 🙁


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