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‘Voldemort’ of global order: America is the ‘Dark Lord’ set on destroying international order

Since the start of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the international community has grown increasingly aware of the role the US and NATO behind the crisis.

From imposing sanctions on “disobedient countries,” to coercing other nations to pick sides, lip service on the Ukraine refugee issue, to a questionable overseas human rights record… the US has acted like a “Cold War schemer,” or a “vampire” who creates “enemies” and makes its fortunes from pyres of war.

The Global Times is publishing a series of stories and cartoons to demonstrate how the US, abusing its superpower status, has been creating trouble in the world one crisis after another. This is the final installment.

Yes, it is true and time that we (us actual Americans) make our country answer for its crimes. Better that us Americans make our “US Gov & Admin” answer for the crimes, than the world making us all in America, answer for the crimes that the politicians and 3 Letter Agencies committed in our name…


All articles listed here…

1 Ukraine crisis instigator: US-led NATO reneges on ‘Not one inch eastward’ promise to compress Russia’s space to the extreme

2 Instability brewer: Behind every war and turmoil in the world is shadow of the Star-Spangled Banner

3 ‘Vampires’ in the war: US warmongers feeding on the bloody turbulence in other countries

4 Cold War schemer: Reminiscing in its past ‘victory,’ US brings color revolutions to 21st century to maintain its hegemony

5 The poison disseminator: How US spread biological ‘poison’, ethnic division and ideological antagonism around the world

6 Human rights destroyer: US causes humanitarian disasters around globe, killing innocent civilians and creating millions of refugees

7 ‘Voldemort’ of global order: America is the ‘Dark Lord’ set on destroying international order

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