WW3 has been triggered by the USA. Yet will it take off?

As per triggering WW3 is worrying people?

WW3 has been triggered by the USA. Yet will it take off?

No one seems to make very much for the fact and distinction that WW3 is already completely started. The US and NATO started this war, they manage Ukrainian targeting, they supply data, they supply the weapons, ammunition and training, tactical planning, communications, satellite TV for PC data, talent intercepts, fortified bunkers, and even as a pinnacle to a degree, NATO officers are present in multiple numbers (passports are recorded and stored for evidence). This fighting is each and every bit a US/NATO war and the deal is to use Azov or Ukrainian armed forces as the cannon fodder. The US had a notion when they started this war that they had an easy run, as in opposition to Russia and would win..except..however, Russia out-smarted them, out-fought them, out-teched them and out-maneuvered them at each and every step. From the very beginning the US dedicated themselves to WW3, due to the fact that they conceived they will (not can) win. Now they comprehend they will lose in Ukraine and that is a byproduct of believing your own rhetoric. Either they can sue for unconditional capitulation to Russia (not going to happen) or they will double down, which is all they are successful at and of doing when they are blinded with the aid of hysteria, rhetoric and uncontrollable panic…

Russia has a distinctive escalation dominance. It is now not in Russia’s desire to begin an all-out combat with NATO/USA/EU at this stage. But it will come….at the most beneficial time for Russia. In the period in-between the Ukraine war and WW3, the US/NATO are very generously throwing upwards of 50% their real fundamental reserves of ancient gear (and now more and more new), and unbelievable quantities of ammunition onto the bonfire for destruction at Russia’s leisure, which is to Russia’s gain when the battle starts off-evolved in earnest. They are donating some of their pinnacle weapons and strategic communications structures to Russians analysts, so that Russia can compromise them in time for the major battle. Isn’t that what any individual blinded via hysteria and panic normally does?

Russia has introduced that she will get rid of NATO from Europe, and she will do so – in her very own time and in accordance to her very own schedule. But considering the fact that US/NATO have doubled down in the way they have and the methods they use as terrorists. The US and NATO will have to be completely de-fanged and knackered at the same time – all with stand-off weapons, no nuke war if at all possible…


Now that is the question…

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