You have to ask, King of Terrorists – “What hornets nest is the USA going to stir up next?”

The USA has reached a consensus that Russia is whooping their ass in Ukraine. In fact, the situation is causing the US to see cross-eyed and psychosis tendencies have set in with the whole system….they misinterpreted their information about Russia and lost before they began…

Yet look at this and realize that the USA is going going gone mentally…

Now lets look at Somalia…

U.S. President Joe Biden has approved a Defense Department plan to redeploy American troops to Somalia to shore up counterterrorism efforts against one of Africa’s deadliest and most powerful militant groups.

Source: In Reversal, Biden Sends U.S. Troops to Somalia to Fight al-Shabab

Gotta have war! But what the USA has not realized yet, Russia is after their, ASS!

The USA is frothing at the bit and trying to see if they can pick on China?

To the surprise of many in Washington and Beijing, the Biden administration has largely followed Trump’s lead, keeping U.S. policy toward China on a more competitive — if not confrontational — footing, an approach now favored, in varying degrees, by lawmakers in both parties and likely to last as long as China continues its great leap backward. Restraining China is now a multi-administration, bipartisan strategy that stands among the most important foreign policy adjustments since the end of the Cold War.

Source: Opinion | How Biden is ushering in a new era of U.S.-China relations – The Washington Post

Yes, that will go over good….you think Russia has handed the USA its pants on fire? Grab hold of the Dragon and see what happens to you? The idiots in the US Gov seem to have no idea of reality and I call that….

Believing your own hubris!

Iran is always a subject, yet Iran can turn Israel into a cratered parking lot of sand. Iran would send 10,000 missiles and rain upon the Gay Parade dancing in Israel. If anyone tries to overcome Iran, Israel dies. The USA should not forget that….Iran is like the Honey badger and just will not care…

Syria may get restarted and yet it never stopped, did it?

Four U.S. service members were injured early Thursday morning when their base in northeast Syria came under rocket fire, the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition said in a statement.The troops were being evaluated for “minor injuries and possible traumatic brain injuries,” according to the statement Thursday from Operation Inherent Resolve.The attack happened at 1:09 a.m. local time at a base known as Green Village, just east of the Euphrates River and near major oil fields. Two rounds of indirect fire hit two support buildings at the base, according to the statement.

Source: Rocket Attack Injures 4 US Troops in Syria |

The USA still has a thousand illegal troops stealing Syrian oil and since we all act like that is okay within the USA, we may just go back in force and steal more and more….You really have to ask, “Why?” and you must question why are we illegally in Syria? Four men died in our illegal occupation of a Syrian territory… (Why?)

Now these are just the most likely spots to start with….but there are many spots that the USA will and wants to stir up issues…

Over the years, “regime change” has become the main option for the US to maintain its hegemony. It seems the targets were countries with so-called dictatorships. Actually, they were those that opposed US interests, challenged US hegemony, or did not “follow” the US order.

Source: Regime change is old, dangerous trick of US – Global Times

What is sinking in to the world and I mean the real world and I mean to lap doggy countries to the USA, is that the USA is after the whole world and no one, but no one is exempt from being put under the gun…

Now, take that and wonder why things are changing!

The US says, “All in the name of Democracy!”

I say, “All in the name of the King of Terrorists, the USA!”


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