You have to wonder when they will tell us the death count?

Every week we get new numbers of brain injury from the fallout of when America illegally and underhandedly assassinated General Soleimani of Iran…

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon announced Thursday that 64 American troops sustained mild traumatic brain injuries as a result of the Iranian missile strikes on two military bases in Iraq, once again revising how many service members were hurt in the Jan. 8 attack.

Source: 64 US troops suffered traumatic brain injuries from Iranian missile attack, as casualty total continues to balloon – U.S. – Stripes

TEHRAN (FNA)- 64 American military personnel have now been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury in the wake of the Iranian missile strike on Ein Al-Assad military base in Iraq, while President Donald Trump and his defense officials had initially claimed no service members were injured or killed in Tehran’s retaliatory operation

Source: FarsNews Agency – US Continues to Acknowledge Rising Injuries in Iran’s ‘Tough Revenge’

The numbers of deaths are rising and no one in America is talking about this and or asking the hard questions, like “Why did we really do it?”

I am starting to see some hindsight issues going on…


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