You now know that children make up our US Gov… (Super-Fast says Trump)

By | February 11, 2020

God help us to stop the Government of the USA from destroying the world…

According to the American president, the US has a vast amount of “super-fast missiles”, and the country needs them because both Moscow and Beijing possess similar weapons.

“We have the super-fast missiles — tremendous number of the super-fast. We call them ‘super-fast,’ where they’re four, five, six, and even seven times faster than an ordinary missile”, Trump noted.

Source: Trump Says Wants to Create World’s Strongest Nuclear Force – Sputnik International

Blame it on Obama, just like Obama blamed everything on Bush…

“We need that because, again, Russia has some. I won’t tell you how they got it. They got it, supposedly, from plans from the Obama administration when we weren’t doing it. And that’s too bad. That’s not good. But that’s how it happened. And China, as you know, is doing it”. Says Trump…

My how Trump is a perfect fit for the childish government of the USA. That damn playground sandbox is getting kinda lonely is it not?

Now this is pretty damn accurate…


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