Monthly Archives: June 2007

This Could Be Why Russia Is Grumpy About The Missiles!!

If the US plan goes ahead as expected, high powered radars from Poland will be able to cover all of European Russia, and a good chunk of Siberia as well: At the same time, it illustrates just why Central/Eastern Europe is such a perfect site for this anti-missile system. It’s directly in between any missiles […]

Russians Drink anything…

HELLO, 1st picture- environmentally safe antifreeze. 2nd picture- antifreeze kills animals. 3rd picture- High powered racing antifreeze, For Those On The Go! 4th picture- Do not waste that old antifreeze! ((“sometimes at a rate of two votes per second, more than 25,000 testified to being “regular” consumers of antifreeze and the like. Even after BBC […]

New Domain!!!

Hello, Had fun today, NOT! Purchased a web domain today, moved my blog site to the new domain and lost everything. Took me hours to get it all back. Now the blog is on the new domain. instead of kylekeeton.blogspot.comI have my own spot now in the Internet world. The transfer was not easy […]