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RBC, 11.07.2008, Moscow 14:24:02.Russia is still positive that Iranian threats are not credible and are a mere excuse for US missile shield plans despite Iran test firing missiles in the Persian Gulf, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists today. The tests organized by Iran have confirmed that it only possesses missiles with a range of up to 2,000 kilometers. This bears out Russia’s stance that the missile defense shield the US is currently seeking to build in Eastern Europe is not needed to intercept this type of missiles, Lavrov added.

RBC, 11.07.2008, Moscow 15:59:15.The Russian government is discussing the possibility of acquiring Oman’s stake in the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC), Igor Sechin told journalists today. He added that Russia had already made a proposal and that the matter was currently under discussion.

RBC, 11.07.2008, Moscow 15:17:05.Russia’s Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov approves of the idea of holding a special G8 session, the so-called grain summit, as well as a meeting of G8 countries’ Agricultural Ministers, he told a press conference organized by RBC today. The food crisis is now increasingly gripping the world, while a third of globally cultivated areas are used to produce biofuel instead of food crops, Mironov said. He also mentioned other factors causing the food crisis, such as spiraling global food prices. Mironov pointed out that Russia is the only country in the world which has an opportunity to increase its cultivated area, adding that it is an important reserve that could help alleviate the crisis.

RBC, 11.07.2008, Moscow 14:45:58.The timeframe for holding an international conference on the Middle East in Moscow will be determined in September 2008, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told journalists after a meeting with his Jordanian counterpart Salah Eddin Bashir. Lavrov pointed out that Moscow wished to use the conference to promote cooperation in carrying out agreements that were reached in Annapolis, USA during the previous conference.

RBC, 11.07.2008, Moscow 13:19:50.The budget deficit of Russia’s constituent entities fell several times in the first half of 2008, Russian Deputy PM and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin told the Federation Council today. He specified that he was speaking about those regions and republics of Russia where a budget deficit had been planned. Kudrin stressed that the debt of Russia’s constituent entities was also decreasing. This enabled the government to reallocate federal budget funds. For instance, RUB 6bn (approx. USD 256m) will be earmarked from the federal budget to cover the expenditures of Russia’s constituent entities. The reallocation of another RUB 19bn (approx. USD 810m) from the federal budget will be discussed at a meeting of a trilateral working group, Kudrin said.

RBC, 11.07.2008, Moscow 12:23:51.The Bank of Russia is set to upgrade its discount rate from 10.75 to 11 percent on Monday, the Russian monetary regulator’s external and public relations department said today.

RBC, 11.07.2008, Moscow 09:35:36.Gazprom predicts that by 2020 gas consumption in Russia’s Primorsky region will increase tenfold. By that time, the holding expects its production in Sakhalin and Yakutia to run up to 57.5bn cubic meters of gas a year, according to the preliminary documents prepared by Russia’s gas monopoly for the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok pipeline project. The pipeline will carry 8bn cubic meters of the Sakhalin gas, while Gazprom’s annual exports to Asia Pacific countries will rise from 800m cubic meters in 2015 to 30.1bn cubic meters in 2020.

RBC, 11.07.2008, Moscow 11:41:10.The Federation Council has ratified a Russian-Kazakh intergovernmental agreement signed on October 3, 2006, which provides for cooperation in the creation of a joint venture between Gazprom and KazMunayGas. The new company is to be established on the basis of the Orenburg gas processing plant. The joint venture is expected to buy raw gas produced in Kazakhstan’s Karachaganak gas condensate field, process it at the Orenburg plant, and sell it on the Kazakh market, as well as export it through Gazprom.


I am drinking my cup of coffee & thinking about how the West has different ways to look at issues than East does. This is a slide show thanks to Liu Yung.

Western lifestyle is shown in Blue – Eastern in Red!
Western example is USA or UK! Eastern Example Is China or Russia!

I found that I understood the whole slide show. I think that it makes sense….
I only saw one picture that confused me. The one with plate and silverware, seems that it was backwards.

What about you?

Kyle & Svet

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A Russian ship which sank in 1771 off the coast of Finland is to be raised out of the water. It is said to be carrying works of art bought by the Russian empress, Catherine the Great, in Amsterdam.

The ship’s cargo contained around 300 works of art, including paintings by Rembrandt, as well as jewelry, silverware, etchings and porcelain. The cargo hold which lays at a depth of 41 meters, was undamaged as it is wrapped in buckskin and kept in lead containers filled with wax.

Years ago the ship was discovered by Finnish explorers and the cargo was proclaimed the property of Finland, in line with international maritime law.

This has created an issue in Russian-Finnish relations.

This makes you wonder how many valuables are just laying at the bottom of the ocean.

Do you think there is a lot of Gold at the bottom of the ocean?


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Hey Everyone,

I was drinking my morning cup of wonderful coffee here in Russia and thinking about Part 3 of my Visa Trip to Ukraine.

As you know Part 2 left me less than enchanted with the police of Ukraine and at that point I had decided to get some rest and start the new day at the American Embassy. So that is what I did…

Now this visit to the Embassy was exceptionally fun and fruitful. This was the turning point of the trip from hell – into the trip with the light at the end of the tunnel. I have no complaints about the service that I got from the American Embassy and the day spent with them was a good reminder of American Bureaucracy. (Can anyone say Headache Time!) I got to converse with multiples of Americans and meet some new friends for future adventures. One friend in particular was an 80 year old professor that was a shear joy to talk with and exchange information…

The American Embassy in Ukraine was a whole different world than the American Embassy in Russia. I wrote an article about the American Embassy in Russia. (Article)

Can we say Night and Day? There is a huge difference between the Embassies. In the American Embassy in Ukraine we (America) have gone all out to make sure that Ukraine knows that America has money and is a heavy fortified Embassy. We have lots of money spending, show and tell in the American Embassy in Ukraine.

In Russia the American Embassy is 180 degrees the opposite direction. Give me the Russian Embassy any time. Low profile and less flash is an attribute. The same job is accomplished with a whole lot less overhead.

One thing that stood out to me was the political undertones from the American Embassy in Ukraine that infiltrated into the Ukraine Governmental section. America is and has been buying the Ukraine government for some time now. Biden just bought and paid for Ukraine’s help to rearm Georgia. That is a No – No and should be stopped. American politics need to stay out of Ukraine or any other country for that matter…

The American Embassy was very nice and in the usual governmental grind of gears, they accomplished all that I needed to have accomplished and all that they in their power could accomplish. I got a new passport, so at least I could get a visa and get home to Russia.

I had two choices of what I could do.

1. I could apply for a new passport from America and wait at least 10 days before I would get it. (Cost $100.00)
2. I could get an Emergency Passport and make my way back to Russia and deal with the new passport with the Moscow American Embassy. (Cost $100.00 and no fee in Moscow for another new passport)

Lets put it this way: If I had chosen choice one (1), I would still be in Ukraine, twiddling my thumbs.

So my second day in Ukraine was winding down as I left the American Embassy in Ukraine with another passport that made it a little easier to transverse the streets of Kiev…

Note: Remember – When you apply for a new passport the old passport is null and void even if you find it later. Next article Part 4 – I get a phone call from the Ukraine Embassy…

Windows to Russia!
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Natalia Kurnikova, (shown next to painting) owner of a Moscow art gallery, seen after the purchase of an oil painting by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, right, sold at a charity auction in St. Petersburg, Russia, Saturday, Jan. 17, 2009. The painting was bought for 37 million rubles (US $ 1.1 million). Putin painted the canvas in late December for a charity auction that exhibits works by other Russian politicians and celebrities.


Last night I dropped Svet off at the Train Station in Kiev. I have to stay in Kiev a little longer and finish our work here. Svet just sent me this note about a Putin painting…

I don’t know is the news new or old. Putin’s painting was sold 37 millions rubles = 860 thousand EURO.

Natalia Kurnikova who bought the painting said that is the first and maybe the last painting of the artist.

The money will be used to build a hospital and restore a church in St.Petersburg.

I love you!
Your svet

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Russian war ships sail for Georgia

A section of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is on its way to the Georgian coastline, according the Navy. The task force includes a missile cruiser. The Russian military says the fleet is not part of a blockading mission, but taking part in an operation to help refugees.

Lets look at a video and touch on the subject of history: This history is about “The Winter War” on November 30, 1939, the Soviet Union invaded Finland. It was a war Russia would rather forget, while Finland wants to keep the memory alive. Finns are commemorating the 70th anniversary of the start of the Winter War against the Soviet Union.

I have read a little bit about this war today and watched the video. Seems the Finns showed that with determination that you can defend against a bigger enemy!

My question is why Finland? (I have read all the reasons but really – Why Finland?)

The Soviet Union seemed big enough in size…

Windows to Russia!
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Reserves were formerly held only in gold, as official gold reserves. But under the Bretton Woods system, the United States pegged the dollar to gold, and allowed convertibility of dollars to gold. This effectively made dollars appear as good as gold. The U.S. later abandoned the gold standard, but the dollar has remained relatively stable as a flat currency, and it is still the most significant reserve currency. Central banks now typically hold large amounts of multiple currencies in reserve.

Rank Country/Monetary Authority Foreign exchange reserves
(millions of USD)
Figures as of
Flag of World World (sum of all countries) $ 7,208,609
1 Flag of the People's Republic of China People’s Republic of China
(does not include Hong Kong SAR & Macau SAR)
$ 1,589,900 January 2008
2 Flag of Japan Japan $ 1,007,981 February 2008
Flag of Europe Eurozone
(EU member states which have adopted the euro, incl. ECB)
$ 556,965 January 2008
3 Flag of Russia Russia $ 494,500 March 2008
4 Flag of India India $ 301,235 February 2008
5 Flag of the Republic of China Taiwan $ 277,840 February 2008
6 Flag of South Korea South Korea $ 262,400 February 2008
7 Flag of Brazil Brazil $ 193,782 March 2008
8 Flag of Singapore Singapore $ 171,735 February 2008
9 Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong $ 160,300 February 2008
10 Flag of Germany Germany $ 147,255 January 2008
11 Flag of France France $ 128,513 January 2008
12 Flag of Malaysia Malaysia $ 116,300 February 2008
13 Flag of Algeria Algeria $ 110,000 December 2007
14 Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom $ 104,580 February 2008
15 Flag of Italy Italy $ 103,459 January 2008
16 Flag of Thailand Thailand $ 100,500 February 2008
17 Flag of Mexico Mexico $ 90,380 February 2008
18 Flag of Libya Libya $ 79,000 September 2007
19 Flag of Iran Iran $ 76,100 November 2007
20 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland $ 75,559 January 2008
21 Flag of Turkey Turkey $ 74,900 February 2008
22 Flag of the United States United States $ 73,521 February 2008
23 Flag of Poland Poland $ 68,564 January 2008
Flag of Europe European Central Bank
(ECB, reserves not wholly owned by any single EU member)
$ 64,285 January 2008
24 Flag of Norway Norway $ 58,930 January 2008
25 Flag of Indonesia Indonesia $ 57,130 February 2008
26 Flag of Nigeria Nigeria $ 56,800 February 2008
27 Flag of Argentina Argentina $ 49,000 February 2008
28 Flag of Canada Canada $ 43,613 February 2008
29 Flag of Romania Romania $ 41,078 January 2008
30 Flag of the Czech Republic Czech Republic $ 37,017 February 2008
31 Flag of Denmark Denmark $ 36,317 January 2008
32 Flag of the Philippines Philippines $ 36,100 February 2008
33 Flag of Egypt Egypt $ 32,915 February 2008
34 Flag of Venezuela Venezuela $ 32,723 March 2008
35 Flag of South Africa South Africa $ 32,723 February 2008
36 Flag of Peru Peru $ 32,587 March 2008
37 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine $ 31,842 January 2008
38 Flag of Australia Australia $ 31,832 January 2008
39 Flag of Sweden Sweden $ 31,561 January 2008
40 Flag of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia $ 31,320 October 2007
41 Flag of the United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates $ 29,620 2007 est.
42 Flag of Israel Israel $ 28,662 January 2008
43 Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands $ 27,486 January 2008
44 Flag of Morocco Morocco $ 25,690 January 2008
45 Flag of Hungary Hungary $ 24,200 January 2008
46 Flag of Colombia Colombia $ 21,850 February 2008
47 Flag of Iraq Iraq $ 21,260 2007 est.
48 Flag of Vietnam Vietnam $ 20,000 September 2007
49 Flag of Spain Spain $ 19,999 January 2008
50 Flag of Kuwait Kuwait $ 19,630 2007 est.
51 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon $ 19,400 2007 est.
52 Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan $ 19,040 February 2008
53 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia $ 18,964 January 2008
54 Flag of Austria Austria $ 18,831 January 2008
55 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria $ 17,367 January 2008
56 Flag of New Zealand New Zealand $ 17,236 January 2008
57 Flag of Chile Chile $ 16,910 January 2008
58 Flag of Belgium Belgium $ 16,717 January 2008
59 Flag of Serbia Serbia $ 15,864 February 2008
60 Flag of Pakistan Pakistan $ 14,063 February 2008
61 Flag of Croatia Croatia $ 13,819 January 2008
62 Flag of Macau Macau $ 13,600 January 2008
63 Flag of Angola Angola $ 12,290 2007 est.
64 Flag of Portugal Portugal $ 12,530 January 2008
65 Flag of Botswana Botswana $ 9,629 2007 est.
66 Flag of Finland Finland $ 8,602 January 2008
67 Flag of Jordan Jordan $ 8,005 January 2008
68 Flag of Yemen Yemen $ 7,871 2007 est.
69 Flag of Tunisia Tunisia $ 7,714 February 2008
70 Flag of Lithuania Lithuania $ 7,053 February 2008
71 Flag of Oman Oman $ 7,004 2007 est.
72 Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago $ 6,761 2007 est.
73 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus $ 6,176 2007 est.
74 Flag of Syria Syria $ 6,039 2007 est.
75 Flag of Qatar Qatar $ 6,368 2007 est.
76 Flag of Latvia Latvia $ 5,903 January 2008
77 Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh $ 5,490 January 2008
78 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina $ 5,151 January 2008
79 Flag of Guatemala Guatemala $ 4,559 2007 est.
80 Flag of Bolivia Bolivia $ 4,917 2007 est.
81 Flag of Uruguay Uruguay $ 4,429 January 2008
82 Flag of Uzbekistan Uzbekistan $ 5,600 2007 est.
83 Flag of Cuba Cuba $ 4,247 2007 est.
84 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan $ 4,000 2007 est.
85 Flag of Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea $ 3,928 2007 est.
86 Flag of Costa Rica Costa Rica $ 3,915 2007 est.
87 Flag of Belarus Belarus $ 3,788 January 2008
88 Flag of Turkmenistan Turkmenistan $ 3,644 2007 est.
89 Flag of Ecuador Ecuador $ 3,618 2007 est.
90 Flag of Estonia Estonia $ 3,581 February 2008
91 Flag of Malta Malta $ 3,522 2007 est.
92 Flag of Bahrain Bahrain $ 3,474 2007 est.
93 Flag of Greece Greece $ 3,387 January 2008
94 Flag of Kenya Kenya $ 3,300 February 2008
95 Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka $ 3,252 2007 est.
96 Flag of Honduras Honduras $ 2,892 2007 est.
97 Flag of Ghana Ghana $ 2,837 2007 est.
98 Flag of Iceland Iceland $ 2,792 February 2008
99 Flag of the Dominican Republic Dominican Republic $ 2,525 2007 est.
100 Côte d’Ivoire $ 2,500 2007 est.
101 Flag of Paraguay Paraguay $ 2,463 2007 est.
102 Flag of Tanzania Tanzania $ 2,441 2007 est.
103 Flag of Cameroon Cameroon $ 2,341 2007 est.
104 Flag of the Republic of the Congo Congo $ 2,242 2007 est.
105 Flag of El Salvador El Salvador $ 2,224 January 2008
106 Flag of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea $ 2,193 December 2007
107 Flag of Uganda Uganda $ 2,100 2007 est.
108 Flag of Burma Burma $ 2,000 January 2008
109 Flag of the Republic of Macedonia Republic of Macedonia $ 1,803 2007 est.
110 Flag of Mauritius Mauritius $ 1,772 2007 est.
111 Flag of Armenia Armenia $ 1,657 December 2007
112 Flag of Albania Albania $ 1,615 December 2007
113 Flag of Cambodia Cambodia $ 1,600 December 2007
114 Flag of Jamaica Jamaica $ 1,490 December 2007
115 Flag of Mozambique Mozambique $ 1,470 November 2007
116 Flag of Gabon Gabon $ 1,459 2007 est.
117 Flag of Moldova Moldova $ 1,360 February 2008
118 Flag of Senegal Senegal $ 1,350 2007 est.
119 Flag of Georgia (country) Georgia $ 1,300 2007 est.
120 Flag of Panama Panama $ 1,260 2007 est.
121 Flag of Sudan Sudan $ 1,245 2007 est.
122 Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan $ 1,155 January 2008
123 Flag of Zambia Zambia $ 1,100 2007 est.
124 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia $ 1,076 January 2008
125 Flag of Nicaragua Nicaragua $ 1,075 2007 est.
126 Flag of Chad Chad $ 997 2007 est.
127 Flag of Ireland Republic of Ireland $ 930 January 2008
128 Flag of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso $ 897 2007 est.
129 Flag of Lesotho Lesotho $ 889 2007 est.
130 Flag of Ethiopia Ethiopia $ 840 2007 est.
131 Flag of Benin Benin $ 825 2007 est.
132 Flag of Namibia Namibia $ 750 2007 est.
133 Flag of Madagascar Madagascar $ 745 2007 est.
134 Flag of Barbados Barbados $ 620 2007 est
135 Flag of Laos Laos $ 514 2007 est.
136 Flag of Rwanda Rwanda $ 511 2007 est.
137 Flag of Swaziland Swaziland $ 395 2007 est.
138 Flag of Togo Togo $ 363 2007 est.
139 Flag of Cape Verde Cape Verde $ 344 2007 est.
140 Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan $ 301 2007 est.
141 Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg $ 294 January 2008
142 Flag of Guyana Guyana $ 292 2007 est.
143 Flag of Haiti Haiti $ 221 2007 est.
153 Flag of Vanuatu Vanuatu $ 149 December 2007
144 Flag of Malawi Malawi $ 140 2007 est.
145 Flag of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe $ 120 2007 est.
146 Flag of The Gambia Gambia $ 120 2007 est.
147 Flag of Guinea Guinea $ 119 2007 est.
148 Flag of Burundi Burundi $ 118 2007 est.
149 Seychelles $ 118 2007 est.
150 Flag of Belize Belize $ 92 2007 est.
151 Flag of Samoa Samoa $ 70 2004 est.
152 Flag of Tonga Tonga $ 55 February 2008
154 Flag of São Tomé and Príncipe São Tomé and Príncipe $ 36 December 2007
155 Flag of Eritrea Eritrea $ 22 2007 est.

The Rouble...

The Russian rouble  has a position on the Chinese market. From now on it will be traded equally with Australia`s and Singapore`s dollar, the Japanese yen and South Korea`s won.

The Russian government has been working with China to get the rouble used as a trade currency. So now it has happened the yaun is trading against the rouble…

This is to relieve the use of the dollar and euro as dominant currencies.

Interesting Tidbit of information… (Link)


Recently I walked to work again:

Kyle has already published a very good article about my walk to work.

But this particular morning, that I am telling you about; I was in just a little bit of a hurry and a little bit lazy. So I decided to take a Tram.

The Tram just pulled up to the metro station and I got in. There was just three stops to ride…; Unfortunately I rode just half of a stop and disaster struck….. (Click: read more for Tram Disaster!)

The Tram stopped & opened the doors and they told everybody to get out! This is what I saw when I left the Tram and had to WALK to work anyway. :)


So now as you can see, it was just a little road accident – nothing terrible, no serious victims! Thank God! But nobody could leave the place of the accident, so they were just waiting for road police.

That’s really rather common situation with trams in Moscow. That’s sad! It’s especially sad when you think about all these people who were waiting for a tram! When I think about this, I always remember a mathematical task what we were solving in special mathematical school. That was a task about a bus what is going by schedule every 10 minutes and about poor guy who stands at bus stop already one hour. And the question was what possibility for him to see the bus during next ten minutes. The truth is (I always considered that this is like paradox) that the longer he is waiting the bus the less possibility for him is to see the bus during next 10 minutes. And I remember my Mom tried to explain me how the situation could happened: The more you wait the bus the more likely the bus is broken or something happened.

You’ve seen my pictures. So remember if you are waiting tram or trolleybus too long it might be something happened – think how to get to your place another way.

Never get despair in life, there is always another way!
Best wishes!


comments always welcome.


Looks like I am not the only one to see that Mass Media has serious problems!
Give Us a Break


Russia has long been respected in global affairs, where it has long played an important role in influencing international politics. For many years its opinion was taken seriously, as it was a powerful empire with a wide sphere of influence. Yet the West, it seems, is always ready to chalk it up as a land of insignificant people. And once its power weakened, the reputation of the Russian people seems to have suffered even worse.

I don’t want to suggest that Russia is an example of unsurpassed innocence and harmlessness, but it seems that it is too often described from the worst possible angle. Today, Russians are believed to set the standards for inappropriate behavior and bad manners, and the West is always ready to blame Russia, no matter what.

I am worried most about the practice of national stereotyping. The Russian people have never been worse or better than any other people, and, like others, they want to be respected. But the way Russians are represented in the foreign media – at least from what I have seen – leads to a total misunderstanding of the Russian mentality (Note: not by every thinking individual, but by the general public and mass media. And mass opinion seems to play a big part in the shaping of the image of this one particular country). What is Russia today? I mean the people, not the nation state. What do others really think about us? I got my answer over the holidays in Rome. One night there was a feature on television about New Year celebrations around the world. Fantastic fireworks and marvelous decorations were shown in the spotless European countries. And then came the broadcast on Russia: shots of the young, the elderly – all age groups – drinking alcohol and falling over in the snow, totally drunk. Great. What image of Russia would people form from this? For how long will the Russian people be associated with vodka?

A popular joke runs as follows:

“A dog breeder sells a litter of puppies abroad. Which one goes to Russia? The one named Vodka.” Yet everywhere I see foreigners drinking alcohol. The Germans, for example, are famous beer lovers and drink it all day at the ski resorts. Why then is it accepted nonchalantly for them? Too many people forget that many Russians have no desire to drink.

Russian females face similar treatment. As one of them, I have the problem of being treated as a “typical Russian girl,” which automatically translates into: “you must want a western man.” Why would this be more true of Russia than of any other nation?

People are different and every family has its black sheep. There shouldn’t be one stereotype to pigeonhole all people. Appreciate a person’s values and not their passport. A nation is represented by the different faces of its citizens, and Russia continues to produce an amazing number of outstanding people and innovations.

I must add, however, that I do appreciate the respect some foreigners feel for Russia and its achievements.

By Daria Chernyshova

I myself have been saying time and time again: Russia gets a Bum Wrap when it comes to the Press. The old saying “The Pot calling The Kettle Black!” is appropriate for the Media! Look at your own back yard first then see if you have a right to point fingers……..

Has any one heard of: Skeletons in the closet?

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.

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Hello,Windows to Russia!

The other day I was talking with my wife her in Moscow, Russia about how we are getting the illegal drug issue cleared up better in our building that we live in. I said to her, “I do not understand, Life is hard enough. Why destroy it with any drugs that you do not need to take.”

Then I have been just quiet and dumbfounded at the reports that I am seeing from all news sources. This subject is being supported by Mainstream Western News sources full force. The articles started out as “what if” articles and have now become, “Hey we can keep the money in America. Instead of giving it to the drug lords. Hip Hip Hurray!”

Watch this video from Russia Today and get an idea of what the world sees about America…

100 Million and More Americans Want Marijuana!

I can say, with all knowledge of the subject that one day you will be taking drugs to keep your life going. I take 20+ pills a day, everyday, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The effect of these prescription pills on my body is bad enough. I could not imagine being dumb or stupid enough to take illegal drugs on top of those 20+ pills.

In the last 6 months I have been following the marijuana issue in America. I have watch it spread from the Western press and now it has impermanent the Eastern press. I have watched it spread across America at a steady pace. What issue is this?

The legalization of marijuana in America!

It really looks like it will happen.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s we joked, “We are lucky to be alive , man! With as many drugs as we all do!” The 70’s was a High School nightmare for many. Heroin was rampant and pot was plentiful. Beer was dirt cheap and no laws to control it. (At least laws that were enforced.)

Then along came the 80’s and a massive drug clean up program was done.

Now: all in the name of the almighty $ Dollar we are going to legalize marijuana or also known as aunt mary, boom, chronic, dope ganja, gangster, grass, hash, herb, kif, mary jane, pot, reefer, sinsemilla, skunk, and weed!

I really wish that America would wake up. Seems that all the wasted life from the 70’s is going to come back now, But this time free from the law…

Windows to Russia!
comments always welcome.

PS: You do not think this is happening? Then you need to look around… (It Is)


My wife found this map of Ukraine and how it grew over the years. It seems that Ukraine was a tiny little country not that long ago.

Ukraine should have thanks for various eras of time especially the Soviet era: 1922, 1939-40 and 1954!

Seems like countries during the Soviet era had all kinds of boundary changes. No wonder there is so many issues around this part of the world.

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Update this morning on the gas issue:

Ukraine keeps telling everyone that they have enough gas. Well they just shut the gas off to the Crimea. It seems the Crimea has its own gas supply that the Crimea runs their little area on. Ukraine has now taken Crimea’s gas. Crimea is in an uproar and trying to get their gas turned back on. Seems that Kiev is hurting so bad for fuel that they have resorted to stealing Crimea’s fuel. Other words Crimean gas has been redirected to Kiev!

It also seems that Ukraine can move gas all over Ukraine but will not transport gas to the European Union with out free transport gas from Russia. So it is as Gazprom says, another lie from Ukraine.

According to sources from Moldova and Bulgaria, Ukraine never sent gas to these countries like they promised. The fact is Ukraine does not have any gas and they are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Our hotel room is running just a few degrees above freezing and it seems to be the fact over the whole hotel except in the lobby where you check in. We sit here in the lobby working on an article in nice warmth and you step on to the elevator and the freeze starts. Seems to be the norm in all businesses we have gone to in Kiev.

One of the big issues in Kiev is the price of gas for cars and on the news gas (propane) is called “Gold” and you must stay in a queue (line) for days to fill up your tank. People use spend 12 hour shifts in the cars just to get gas. many cars in Ukraine run on gas and now the people not able to get it.

Discontent is huge in Kiev and looks like it will get worse everyday. I just told Svet that we need to get down with our business and get home. Ukraine’s government looks to implode at any minute.

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.


This weekend we went to a Chinese Festival in Moscow. It was not very big, but it was relaxing and quiet. Svet bought some fortune telling coins that you keep in your money pocket so that you will be rich! Yippy :) The pictures below are of the of the Chinese Festival…..

Dragons everywhere , the little kids loved them!

The Chinese Lanterns hit me in the head all the time…. (But they are beautiful)

We then walked around the park after looking at all the Chinese stuff….

Kite flying everywhere! Park is dedicated to WWII.

All in all it was a fun weekend and we are glad we went. Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.

For quite awhile now the Russian and Georgian press has been hinting at an issue that may come to a boil. Steam has been vented over the facts that Georgia may be training and permuting terrorist camps within the Georgian boundaries…

Remember that even the Georgian press is writing about this also…

The latest terrorist attack that hit Vladikavkaz has been stressed as a possible Georgia related terrorist attack. The Russian news is awash with…

Russian special forces can’t rule out Georgia’s being privy to the blast in Vladikavkaz…

The message was spread by the Moskovskiy Komsomolets, Ekho Moskvy reports. According to  the media, after the failed aggression in 2008 Tbilisi got a reason to struggle against Ossetians, and the blast was aimed to reveal the fragileness of Ossetian stability. Plus…

Also in March 2010, after two terrorist attacks in Moscow metro, Nikolai Patrushev, the Security Council Secretary, also claimed of the “Georgian Trace” in the terrorist crime…

I am watching this developing and thought I would make a mention of it here. That way when the Western press finally does exploit it as a “Poor Georgia” issue then you know that this is nothing new…

This is an old issue and problem and generates out of the heart of Georgia, Tbilisi…

Thoughts about guerrilla warfare brought Tbilisi to terrorism camps:
Apprehensions about a whole network of special camps on militants training being created with the active participation of Mikheil Saakashvili’s regime have been voiced for a long time. If Tbilisi ignores the latest signals coming from Moscow and rejects the issue in its customary manner, the outcome of the situation may be sad for Georgian political elite.
Read More: читать статью полностью


When my wife (Sveta) comes home and says,  “That is stupid!”  First thing that I try to do is think, what did I do wrong today or yesterday or even last week… :)

I said, “What!  What did I do?” Ready to defend what ever stupid thing I did…

Much to my elation it had nothing to do with me and I was off the hook…

So I then proceeded to be the caring partner and ask what happened. That is when I found out about how Medvedev wants to change the name of the Militia to Police…

Now I knew about this and to someone like me from America, who calls them police all the time anyway,  it makes sense. I just thought, Hey that is what I call them now…

But to Sveta it makes no sense. I know that Sveta dwells very little in politics and when a political issue comes up that she takes note of, then I listen to what she has to say…

I have heard this discussion in all the stores that I visit around the home front. This is a hot topic for Russians. While they want to see reforms made in the Militia they do not necessarily feel that a change in names is part of that reform issue…

The reason was vague to me at first, but after hearing a few issues of why not to change from Militia to Police it really makes more sense…

It seems that Police is the term used for German Militia in WWII. It is the term for Western Militia and It seems also that Police is the term for higher ranking Militia in Russia and that term is not used with love…

Other words the term Police is not the best choice of words to call the cops in Russia…

OK, so I do understand what Medvedev is thinking and understand the principles around his thinking. But the reality of it is that Russians are not European and not American

They are Russians…

I have been following the “Burn the Koran” issue in America. How Americans have decided that this is a battle ground for human rights, the Constitution and such…

I just watched this video of a bombing that happened in Southern Russia. It is a real act of terrorism and is fairly common in Russia and is fairly common all over the world for that fact…

Common except in Americas own yard that is. Just watch the video, it will make you think. No – the video is not gory and all that, so it won’t make you sick feeling. But it does have some parts that will make you think and it is short. So give it a watch…

All I am going to now say is that America and her self-centered attitude is pushing it on this one. If this “Burning of the Koran” is allowed to happen I think that a line will have been crossed that will instigate big issues for America…

So while everyone is deciding about what part of the constitution that you break by squelching this act of stupidity. I remember what I have lived by all my life, to decide, is my expression of freedom worth it…

“Freedom is fine and necessary but when you perform a so called freedom that endangers mine, yours and our lives. Then what you are preforming is an act of selfishness. For you have deluded my freedoms by your act…”

This expression of freedom could bring the devil down inside of America. Just like he is roaming Russia at times…

Windows to Russia!


Is China a world Military power that must be worried about? Does America have a reason to worry about China?

Yes and Yes!

The Chinese are one of those countries that keep their mouths shut and pocket books closed. They brag about nothing and silently churn out trillions of dollars of manufactured items, that are sold the world over. No one knows what the military is really like in China, No one knows much about China, as they think they do!

What do you think about China?


link to article

A photo of a cup of coffee.
That Morning Cup of Coffee…

I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and doing some thinking’s!

It had crossed my mind that I actually read a book. In fact I have read 5 books in a week…

Now you are saying to yourself, “So big deal…”

Well it is a big deal too me!

Once in my life, I use to read and read and read! I have consumed books from the Hardy Boys Series to The Holy Bible. I use to devourer a book in a single day and even took me only three days to read, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I had thousands of paper backs. I was speed reader

Then that all ended once I graduated from High School and entered the Army and became more interested in tanks, weapons, missiles and staying alive in particular. (Not necessarily in that order…) Life became a blur of years that entailed saving the world and all that crap. Then I progressed (progressed?) to the American corporate world and became interested in how to destroy the competition and profit from that destruction. I never read again, except for internet and work related items. I lost the ability to read…

I tried numerous times to read a book. I really tried. My mind kept centering on business and making money, plus the bottom line. Nothing worked so reading became a lost part of my past…

I have a friend in America (Well I call him a friend, he might disagree!) He has a website about reading. It is called I’ll Never Forget the Day I Read a Book!

I have thought about and read his reviews on his site and tried many times to pick up a book again. I realized that I was missing an intricate part of my life by not reading because I had a passion to read once in my life…

I had just visited his site not long ago and said to myself that I need to read a book. I do not have to work 14 to 16 hours days anymore. (It only took me 4 years in Russia to realize that :) ) I decided to take a book that I had seen the movie of, but never read and see what would happen…

Now I am a huge scifi fan so I grabbed the first title that I recognized. (Not a lot of books in English in the Russian book stores.)  The Chronicles of Riddick is the book I picked…

It was a struggle at first but then it was like riding a bike and swimming. The next thing that I knew I came up for air and the book was finished…

It took 4 years after majorly changing my life, to comprehend the fact that I could read a book again. To acknowledge that in me, was a strange feeling…

Don’t let 33 years pass since you last read a book…

Windows to Russia!

Georgia Collects Your Tax Money...

The USA has just allocated over $30,000,000 US dollars for improvement of “The Electoral Environment” in the Georgian country…

Georgia loves to brag about the money that they get from America. The Georgian news is stimulated weekly about the millions that America generously hands over to Georgia in the name of Democracy…

$30,000,000 dollars seems like chump change, but if you stop and think about it like this: “I use to run a business based on saving pennies – If I could save a penny on the price that a soft drink cost my business, then I could save hundreds of dollars by the end of the year. If I could save that amount on just 10% of the items I sold then I could save thousands of dollars a year. If I could cut everything in my business by that much, I could save a million dollars by the end of the year…” Do you realize that a million pennies is $10,000 dollars? I sold over a million soft drinks a month…

So since I have already reported about 6 separate times that Georgia has received various sums of money for alternating functions of the Georgian government. So far I see about a billion dollars in a little more than a year, that has slipped the way of the Georgian government and no one in America seems to care…

You see, when you dole it out a few million at a time, it seems like not very much, but it adds up quick…

Do you care? I care…

RIA NovostiWildfires raze village in Russia’s Siberian Federal Region, some 1,000 evacuated

21:38 08/09/2010 The village of Nikolayevka in the Altai Territory has completely burned down and two other villages are on fire, a spokeswoman for the Russia’s Emergencies Ministry said on Wednesday.Read Original Source  >>>


The Governor of St. Petersburg, Valentina Matviyenko has expressed the need for a ban on all child adoptions by all foreigners in the city of St. Petersburg.

“I see how many cruel incidents have happened. We don’t need any foreign adoptions in St. Petersburg,” she said at a city government meeting.

“Enough of this fashionable fad. Enough of torturing children. I think children must be picked by St Petersburg families, who can take better care of them.” Matviyenko said.

The news expressed that a St. Petersburg family gets 6,155 rubles ($199) a month per child that they take care of.

This has come about after the last escapade with the Leschinsky Sisters and Russia has reached a boiling point over issues in America with adoptions…

Sounds like Americans may have lots of future trouble getting Russian children to adopt. I would say that Moscow will not be far behind in the call for ending adoptions and taking care of the children internally.

I ask the question though, What happens with the children out away from the big cities? Seems that there needs to be a federation wide program that cares for these kids and foster homes availability.

But as my Sveta would say, “That is just right – The children need to stay in Russia!”

Windows to Russia!

I found a few pictures on my cellphone. That is why they are not the best quality. But they show a good before and after of what is inside a train car looks like and a picture of some of the border patrol waiting for us to stop…

In The Morning...

Beginning of Trip...

A train trip in Russia is an experience that everyone should have to take. It gives you a different outlook on Russia…

I literally love to travel by train in Russia. It is like everyone is just one big family all stuffed together in one tiny area…

Russians are experts at packing bags with everything that you could imagine possible…

Come to Russia and ride a train… :)

Windows to Russia!


Over ten years ago I met the most wonderful Russian woman in the world! What started as friends on the Internet per e-mails and text messages, became a dream come true for this American...

I moved to Russia nine years ago and have never, one time, in all those years, regretted that move to Russia. In fact, I have realized over the years that Russia is safe, incredibly fantastic and a wonderfully explicit country to live and travel in...

I have been lucky in many ways and meeting a normal Russian woman whose main goal is not to leave Russia, that was a blessing in disguise, as I was the one who had to make the hard decision to leave my country. It was a decision that I have never ever regretted and it also opened my eyes to a whole new world of ideas and thinking's...

So welcome to Windows to Russia and stay a spell, sip a cup of coffee...

(Svetlana and Kyle)

Walkum Talkum

The US led "War on Terror" is an open ended vehicle by which any people on the face of the planet who do not agree with America may be targeted by covert Western forces using methods like drone strikes, social media instigated color revolutions, assassinations, death squads, 'humanitarian' bombing, sanctions and blockades. America forgets that during their much lauded 'War of Independence', THEY were the saboteurs
and terrorists...

The current activities and narratives of the USA are solely based on their egregious efforts to expand their hegemony, no matter who is 'right' and who is 'wrong'...

The Kiev regime using the word 'Terrorist' to describe 4 million of your own citizens who don't accept a government installed by a foreign power is a prime example. While the world debates semantics, thousands of men women and children die and millions are chased away from their homes and nobody cares...



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