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September 28, 2010, 15:00

QUESTION: Mr President, based on the outcome of your visit do you think China, along with the United States and the European Union, will be able to take part in Russia’s modernization by perhaps becoming involved in specific projects in the Skolkovo Innovation Center, for example? And in general, on the basis of what we saw over the past three days in Dalian, Beijing and Shanghai, what do you think Russia can and wants to learn from China?

PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA DMITRY MEDVEDEV: You know, I believe that China not only can take part in the modernization of our economy but, in fact, is already taking part, because there is a number of quite interesting and modern high-tech projects that we have been implementing jointly with our Chinese partners.

We saw one of such projects as we walked around our pavilion. This project focuses on the manufacture of accumulators for buses. It is very interesting. If I am not mistaken, such an accumulator will suffice for a bus to travel 400 kilometers. This is a simple example but it is absolutely obvious.

As for bigger and more serious projects, I discussed this subject with President of China Mr Hu Jintao, and I proposed to him this kind of cooperation in Russia. President Hu found this interesting and said that Chinese experts and organizations are willing to participate in the creation of Skolkovo, and are ready to consider a variety of ways in which they can take part in our new innovation center. So this topic has been discussed directly with our Chinese friends. And I’m certain that there are very good prospects in this area, just as good as the prospects we have in Europe and the United States. We are interested in all partners, and all partners are important to us.

As for the outcome of this visit, I think it is very positive. Of course, the visit was very fast: three cities in three days. On the other hand, is has been a very interesting and very concentrated program. I was just thinking of how to explain this, maybe in a Chinese style.

Dalian symbolises the history of our relations, it is the past, and, of course, the future too because we met with students at the university there, but nevertheless it is our history.

Beijing represents the present, with extensive talks in restricted and in expanded format, with the participation of the top officials of the People’s Republic of China; talks held in a friendly atmosphere, very specific and detailed negotiations, plus the signing of a significant number of documents. You know this already, I saw this discussed in the media today: overall, the outcome is regarded as a clear success. We have made some breakthroughs.

Incidentally, I told Vice President Xi Jinping today, as well as President Hu Jintao yesterday that we view our relations with China as strategic and focused on the future.

And we certainly saw the future here in Shanghai. First of all, Shanghai itself is an interesting and beautiful city, which has changed a great deal in the past nine years. Back then it was already a modern city, although it has a historical center, but even then I found a lot of things amazing. Now everything is really very interesting and beautiful, and our pavilion and participation in 2010 World Expo is, in fact, the future, the future of our cities, the future of our industry, but most importantly, it is the future of our children. In this regard, our pavilion symbolizes a vision of the future. And personally I thought it was very interesting that various high technologies were explained in a way that was easy for children to understand, in Russian and Chinese. That is why 6 million people have already visited our pavilion, out of the 60 million people who have visited the Expo. That is one tenth, if you think about it, of the people and children who came over, and I think that’s not bad. So the future is today.

Therefore, three cities – three stories, as they say, and each one has its own value and its own dimension.

I am fully satisfied with the outcome of the visit to the People’s Republic of China. I hope that this visit will symbolize a new chapter in the history of our relations.

QUESTION: Mr President, at the last meeting on law enforcement, you mentioned executive orders which will reform the Interior Ministry. Could you please say how it will be reformed? Will the changes affect the ministry’s top officials? And could you comment please on your decision regarding the Investigative Committee. Will a new unified Investigative Committee be created?

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: When I came into office, I said that I will focus on the legal system and law enforcement, and that is what I have been doing. At any rate, very serious decisions are being made. Perhaps the progress has not been as rapid as I had wished and the results are not as all of us had expected, but in any case a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so we must do something rather than just talk about how impossible it is to reform our law enforcement system and how it would be easier to start from scratch and make some tough decisions. We must act, we must change, but these changes must reflect our current reality.

That is why I proposed to reform the Interior Ministry. We are about to adopt the Law On the Police Force, which will change the functions of the police, set new objectives and grant new rights. This law was debated for a long time, and, in my view, quite successfully. Again, some thought these changes sufficient and others did not. But in any case, this law, when adopted, and I hope this will happen in the near future, this law will not be set in stone, and if necessary we will make amendments to it. Most importantly, it is a new step in the development of our law enforcement system and the police.

Regarding the structure of the Interior Ministry, this issue is determined by a Presidential Executive Order. I am currently discussing it with the leadership of the Interior Ministry, with the Presidential Executive Office and with other persons involved. I believe that this organization should be modern, fairly compact, rational and consistent with the Law On the Police Force. I think this structure will be approved in a relatively short time.

Now, with regard to the Investigative Committee. There have been debates on the Investigative Committee since at least the time when I first enrolled at Leningrad University and even before that: do we or don’t we need a separate Investigative Committee? Having examined all the arguments I made the decision to establish an independent Investigative Committee with the same staff size and jurisdiction of the existing, or rather the former Investigative Committee of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

I would like the reform process to be peaceful, and to make sure the investigative system works without fail or hindrance. That is why the final configuration has not been defined as yet. In principle, I suppose it is possible that at some point the Investigative Committee may assume full jurisdiction of other investigative agencies. But if we do it, we must be aware of the consequences. The main thing is that it is acceptable for the law enforcement system, contributes to the effective investigation of cases and does not create any unresolvable contradictions in the work of investigators themselves, because now they have a different status, there are different bodies, and we must create equal working conditions. It is a long process but in principle I think such a scenario is possible.

But I also allow for a different scenario. I think we can preserve the system with several investigative agencies, as indeed is the case all over the world. Not all countries have a single investigative agency. Perhaps in our case there are too many of them and some of them could change their profile, but it may be wise to keep several investigative agencies. Experience and legal practice will show which system works best, but now the Investigative Committee will begin its work.

QUESTION: Mr President, could you please comment on today’s executive order relieving Yuri Luzhkov of his duties as Moscow Mayor, written with the wording that you rarely use in your work.

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Not relieving but dismissing, because dismissal means termination. And the wording is not just rare, it is used for the first time.

There is not much I can say to comment on the executive order because the reason is stated in the executive order itself. The reason is that I, as President of the Russian Federation, have lost confidence in Mr Luzhkov as the Mayor of Moscow. The existing law, which was adopted several years ago, directly states “loss of confidence” as grounds for termination, or in the terminology of the law “dismissal from office”. It is difficult to imagine a situation where the President and a Governor work together in an environment where the President, the highest official in Russia, does not have confidence in an official, a regional leader, which is, in fact, what has happened. This is the first time it has happened but I cannot exclude the possibility that it will happen again. It depends on each particular situation.

QUESTION: Do you already have certain candidates in mind?

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: The Executive Order I signed appointed Vladimir Resin Acting Mayor of Moscow. He is an experienced man, familiar with the situation and with the team. I am certain that he is capable of maintaining a normal effective working mode until, in accordance with the law, candidates will be selected and submitted to me as President. I will then decide who will become the leader of Moscow and submit the candidacy to Parliament.

QUESTION: The presidential election in Belarus is approaching. We are aware of a number of candidates for the post. What do you expect from this election?

DMITRY MEDVEDEV: Nothing good. I’m only joking, of course. I am sure that the Belarusian people will make their choice, because it is an internal affair of Belarus. And I hope that this choice will be implemented in compliance with the existing legislation and with respect for human rights and fundamental interests of the citizens of Belarus. We are not indifferent about the fate of Belarus and Belarusian people.

Russian News From Russia...

The Russian government may allocate RUB 24.5bn (approx. USD 800m) to Gazprom in the form of subsidies in 2011-2013 to cover the difference between the gas purchase price from the operator of the Sakhlain-2 project and the price set for gas supplies to energy companies in the Far East via the Sakhalin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok gas transporting system. The figure was included in the supplement to the federal budget draft law for the next three years.


Syktyvkar Yuri Luzhkov should have taken timely steps to improve his relations with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told a press briefing today. According to Putin, Luzhkov did a great deal for Moscow’s development and is a prominent figure in modern Russia. “However, it is quite obvious that his rapport with the president was poor, and the mayor is the president’s subordinate, after all, and not vice versa. Considering this, he should have been the one to make a move to normalize the situation,” the PM said. Putin also stated that Luzhkov’s dismissal was carried out in accordance with the law. He went on to indicate that Medvedev had already discussed potential candidates with United Russia, noting that he himself would probably have a say on the matter.


Acting President of Moldova and speaker of the Moldovan parliament Mihai Ghimpu has signed a decree on the dismissal of the parliament. The dismissal became effective today, and the next parliamentary elections have been scheduled for November 28, 2010. The decree was signed in the presence of journalists who were invited to the press briefing.


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is confident that the presidential election in Belarus will be held in accordance with the law. He made this statement during his trip to Shanghai. “I am sure that Belarusians will make a choice and it will be done within the rule of law,” he stated. In response to a question about his expectations regarding the outcome of the elections, he said, “I do not expect anything good. Just kidding, of course.” The Russian leader stressed that Russians in general and he personally “cared about the fate of Belarus and its citizens.”


Lukoil and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) signed an agreement on the expansion of strategic cooperation in Beijing on Monday, the Russian energy giant indicated in a press release today.


Ukraine’s Fuel and Energy Ministry has denied information distributed by a number of the country’s media sources stating that Kiev was posing hurdles for natural gas supplies to Poland. According to the ministry’s press office, the full volume of gas delivered to Ukraine’s eastern border is being transited in full to European consumers in accordance with existing transit agreements. The ministry specified that Naftogaz of Ukraine had not received any proposals from Poland’s PGNiG or Germany’s E.ON Ruhrgas on the transit of additional gas supplies. The company is currently providing services involving Gazprom’s gas transit in accordance with the long-term agreement dated January 19, 2009. Yesterday, some Ukrainian publications, citing a source from the ministry, announced that Naftogaz, upon Gazprom’s request, had refused to transport the natural gas to E.ON Ruhrgas in Poland. Media sources insist that this is the Russian energy monopoly’s way of forcing Poland to consent to the Russian company’s control over the management of Ymal-Europe gas pipeline.


Synergy, a Russian producer of distilled spirits, has announced the placement of 2.9m ordinary shares, or 15 percent of all issued and outstanding shares, as part of the Secondary Public Offering (SPO), the company announced in a statement today.


The Bank of Russia’s board of directors has passed a decision to keep the discount rate at its current level of 7.75 percent per annum, the Central Bank announced in a statement today. The last time the regulator cut the interest rate was on June 30, and the rate has so far been reduced four times this year. At the beginning of the year, the discount rate stood at 8.75 percent.


Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on the dismissal of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, the Kremlin’s press office announced this morning. According to the document, the decision was passed due to the Russian leader’s “loss of trust” in the mayor. First Deputy Mayor Vladimir Resin has been appointed acting mayor until a new person takes office. Luzhkov has been Moscow’s mayor for over 18 years, since June 6, 1992. Rumors of his potential dismissal have been circulating for quite a while, but he always managed to keep his post. The official date for the expiration of Luzhkov’s powers is July 2011.


Russia and Kyrgyzstan have settled all the unresolved issues surrounding the deployment of Russia’s military facilities in the country, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Russia Valery Gerasimov said. As reported earlier, rumor was rife just a few weeks ago that Kyrgyzstan’s authorities were willing to reconsider the terms of stay for Russian troops. Now, however, the matter has been closed. It could still involve a higher lease payment for Russia, which is currently being negotiated by the parties. Russia’s armed forces control 4 facilities in Kyrgyzstan: an airbase in the town of Kant, a communications center of the Russian Navy in the village of Chaldovar, a torpedo testing facility on the Issyk Kul lake, and a seismograph station in the town of Maili-Suu. All of these facilities will now be subordinated to a single command. As reported earlier, on September 20, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that the Russian military base issue had been discussed with Kyrgyzstan’s government under former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. “Discussions were spearheaded by Kyrgyzstan, but then died out due to a lack of enthusiasm on Kyrgyzstan’s side. The issue of regulating and streamlining our military presence in Kyrgyzstan based on intergovernmental agreements has been discussed, on and off, for several years now,” Lavrov explained.

That is all for now…

Windows to Russia!

A photo of a cup of coffee.
Image via Wikipedia

I was drinking my wonderful cup of delicious coffee this morning. The thinking’s going through my head had to do with several other Americans here in Russia…

Over the last few months, a few Americans that I have knowledge of are committing “Stupidisms”…

It has struck my attention that if I live in a country, that I am not a native of then I would try real hard to not destroy any form of friendship that I could use as a positive help in that country! I would keep in mind that I may need an American in Russia to get my butt out of a sling one day. Especially a American with contacts…

I have also discovered that sometimes we become Lackadaisical after we have been somewhere long enough to call it home…

One such person has signed his “severance papers” with more than just me and this person really needs all the help they can get in the world. Another one has never learned that what is on the internet is visible to the world and possibly the whole Universe. :)

So while I do not take the contemptuous statements to heart it did allow me some thinking’s that gave me a new aspect on living in another country…

I really hate to see people “hang themselves out to dry“…


Is Russia and the USA the same?

Now before the world starts jumping up and down and saying that there is no way that they are the same!
Just read first:

I have done a lot of thinking about this. If you go back 50 years in America. You will find that the American Government then was not that much different than the Russian Government now. The Russian Government is in a growing stage now, that will take it through many trials and tribulations. The Russian Government is just like the American Government (a power struggle for the control of the country). The two governments are just at different growth stages. The American Government is a much more mature capitalist system. The Russian system is a fledgling capitalist system. I see total similarity between the Governments. They both control the elections, they control who is in office, they try to control the people, and they try to control the natural resources, plus the land that is connected. In America we have a saying “you can not sue the government” You can try but you will lose, If in America they want to widen a road and your house is in the way, they can just condemn it and take it from you. Government rules in America, The people do not rule, The same in Russia. Enough said about the governments, They are the same except for maturity differences. I say Russia needs to develop a better government than the USA, because Russia does not want to end up like America. (In debt, broke, power hungry, and could care less about the people who live their)

Now to the people who live their lives in these countries!
The people have very few differences. The only true differences are the cultural differences. I have lived both in Russia and the USA. The person that Americans would call The Middle Class, supports both counties. This person just wants peace, food, housing, time to vacation, be comfortable, and raise a family in a safe world. They do not want the government always changing faces. They do not want war, drugs, alcohol, and people interfering in their lives. They want to raise a family according to their society rules.

The people are no different in either country, This same extends to the rest of the world. I have friends the world over. They all confirm that people want peace not war!! Governments want war not peace!!

The day Governments really listen to their people will be a day to remember. The problem is that the man who runs for President of a country, is a man who wants to be King or Dictator. He wants to be the Boss. So he already has his mind made up, on how the country will be.

I do not want to run a country!! Do you?

The Russian and American people are the same in all the ways that count! (Love, loyalty, caring, needs, desires, wants and comforts)

Even the flags of Russia and USA are the same colors. Red, White and Blue!!


comments welcome and now you can jump up and down and yell about, Why we are not the same!!

I love these old articles. They show me either how stupid I was or how naive I am…

Kyle :)

Chicken portrait

Interesting: Russia and America just came to grips on the fat, antibiotic and chlorinated chickens from America and now we have these huge chickens the size of small Turkeys all over the place again…

Then,  China slams the USA chicken market with a new tariff on imported chickens…

NEW YORK (AP) — Shares of the nation’s chicken producers could tumble on Monday after China said it will slap a hefty tariff on U.S. chicken imports to combat what it says are unfairly low prices.The Chinese government said Sunday that its investigation found that U.S. chicken products are being sold at low prices which undermine the local market. New import duties ranging from 50.3 percent to as much as 105.4 percent will take effect Monday and last for five years.

I would say that the chicken farmers in America are taking a beating in the world markets…

Those stocks tumbled…

Yury Luzhkov and Patriarch Alexius II.
Mayor Yury and the Patriarch…

Moscow‘s mayor to resign from the strong language about the loss of confidence by Medvedev.

After the holidays, Yuri Luzhkov has stayed on the job one day. And although the day before he claimed that is not going to resign on Tuesday became aware of the presidential decree on the resignation of the capital’s mayor. Instead, he is temporarily appointed first deputy Vladimir Resin. Him and requested to conduct a regular meeting of the Moscow government. The details – the correspondent of “Vesti FM Nikolai Osipov.

He managed to stay on the job one day. More on Monday’s press service reported on the mayor, Yuri Luzhkov plans for October: meeting, meetings, business trips. Though there was no signal of the impending dismissal. The mayor until recently did not submit the form, but on Tuesday thundered the press service of the Kremlin. “Renounce Yuri Mikhailovich Luzhkov from the post of Mayor in connection with the loss of confidence in Russian President” – The decree was signed and take effect immediately. In part, this was predictable, although there still is that the review, commented the president of the fund “Petersburg politician Mikhail Vinogradov.

“Formally, this language is consistent with the law. In the entire history for 4 th time with the wording of the governor dismissed. Interestingly, that was no explanation that the accused Luzhkov – political behavior, actions during the heat, the family business or something else? It seems that the decision was made very quickly – this can be seen on the appointment of an interim figure as Acting Mayor Vladimir Resin, which is six months older than Luzhkov “- says Vinogradov.

A little later, presidential spokeswoman Natalia Timakova made some comments about this loud dismissal. It turns out that Yuri Luzhkov offered to leave voluntarily. And on his decision depended on which scenario events will unfold. For this, in general, mayor and went on vacation. Luzhkov refused to compromise, that is, the script came out very hard. Political analysts say that it is the fault of the mayor, who did not want to negotiate, knowing the inevitability of retirement. Pavel Danilin, the political scientist, Effective Policy Foundation, said something like the star of the disease.

“Mikhail had forgotten that he – an official appointed by the Head of State, and he decided to put himself above the other officers and was naturally down with the loss of confidence. He offered to go a very long time for an amicable, but he would not “- says Danilin.

Sam, Yuri Luzhkov met the news of his dismissal in the workplace. Despite the early hour, according to reports from the city administration, the mayor was already at work. He brought a decree of the president, who threw into confusion all the subordinate Luzhkov. The confusion probably is not due to the fact of dismissal, and deadlines. Few expected it to happen so quickly. The experts gave Luzhkov for another month or two. Acuity and adds information about what the president is not planning any meetings with the retired mayor. That is to say farewell to a pension will not be nice.

But now, when all is done, political scientists transferred the attention on other matters – like the mayor leaves his office. Do leave, slamming the door, or will keep at least formal propriety – it is the most important, argues CEO of the Center for Political Information Alexei Mukhin.

“If the correct delivery of affairs will not, and will whims, then the situation will be even more tense and Luzhkov, and his family, big and rich. The consequences can be unpredictable, “- says Mukhin.

Decree of the President’s history with the dismissal of the mayor had not yet finished, the expert continues, dividing this epic stages. Just now finished the first stage, but right behind him comes next, maybe even more stringent, “says Alexei Mukhin. After retirement affects a large number of persons – the team Luzhkov, the Moscow business with his interests.

“The situation in the city quite poorly controlled by the mayor. Not the mayor’s office and the mayor. Acting appointed Resin – is also very symptomatic, but the fight for the seat of mayor is now entering a stage superrigidity “- says Mukhin.

On Tuesday, the first zamu Luzhkov, Vladimir Resin directed to meeting the city government. Duties of the Mayor fell to him. Sam, Yuri Luzhkov on Tuesday became an ordinary citizen, non-working Moscow pensioner.

I feel that the Moscow Mayor may become a thorn in the political side of Medvedev. The mayor was well loved by many for much that he has done…

Like Sveta said after she heard this, “The pensioners love him!” She then expressed that he may become a pillar in the opposition party now…

Is his (Medvedev) a political mistake made out of anger or a tactical move?

I guess we will wait and see…

  • Russian President Dmitry Medvedev fires Moscow’s mayor, Yuri Luzhkov – Reuters (
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S-300 systems similar to those sold to Cyprus.
Russian S-300 missile system…

DM: Russia’s Creditability Undermined by Ban on S-300 Delivery to Iran

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi cautioned that Moscow‘s decision to annul the contract for the delivery of the sophisticated anti-aircraft S-300 missile to Iran undermined credibility of Russia as an arms supplier.

“They showed through this act that they are not reliable and trustworthy, which of course, we already knew,” Vahidi said at a ceremony held here on Sunday to commemorate the Week of Sacred Defense, marking the country’s resistance against the 8-year-long Iraqi invasion in 1980.

“This was a big scandal for them as they showed that they are not able to maintain their independence even when dealing with a simple issue,” Vahidi stated.

The minister further said Tehran plans to manufacture a similar defense system “but some of our experts do not believe in (manufacturing) the Russian S-300 missile system”.

“We will not build (an Iranian version of) S-300 air defense but will manufacture a long-range defense system similar to the S-300 in range,” he explained.

The remarks by Vahidi came after Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a decree on the ban, which also prohibited exports of tanks, aircraft and sea vessels to Iran.

There are many Russians that I know that will find this a serious flaw in Medvedev…

This truly is a defense weapon that really means very little to the overall issue. Iran does not really need these missiles. But the issue of trust is extended to the whole world…

Russia broke that trust when failing to supply the defense missiles that were contracted many years ago…

Iran is correct…

  • Iran Criticizes Russia Over S-300 Missile Deal Ban (
  • Iran criticizes Russia over S-300 missile deal ban (
  • You: Iran regrets Russia’s decision to cancel arms deal (
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  • “Iran has obtained S-300 air defense systems” (
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  • Iran criticizes Russia over S-300 missile deal ban (

Hello,Windows to Russia!

While drinking my morning cup of coffee in Russia. I was doing some research into the Ruble and the Dollar. It seems that after the beating the Ruble took and the Western media acted like the Ruble was a doomed and dying currency. We are seeing a stabilization of the Ruble in Russia.

The dollar is dropping daily now and is back to what the rate was when I came to Russia. So that did not last long.

I kept my money in Rubles and kept my trust in the bank I use. As the doomsday reports rolled out of the Russian press like Chicken Little screaming about the sky is falling. I just kept my money in Rubles.

Normal Russians did not get very excited about all the hoopla because from what Svetlana says, Nothing could be as bad as the collapse in 1998. I do not know, I was not here but Svet was and she and her Mom lost a l0t during that time.

If people would support the currency where they are then I really think that money would be much more stable but what I see is that people who are rich make money from betting against money. (Hedging I think it is called?) Sad group of people…

Kyle & Svet

comments always welcome.

Alexei Kudrin, a Russian politician.
Alexei Kudrin…

Russia plans to slash 100,000 bureaucrat jobs by 2013, Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said on Monday, in a drive to reduce costs and modernize the country’s bloated bureaucracy.

“We expect that in the three years more than 100,000 federal civil servant jobs will be cut,” Kudrin was quoted by Russian news agencies as saying.

“The overall savings from this by the third year will amount to 43 billion rubles (1.4 billion dollars),” he added…

I find this interesting from a stand point of the fact that America is scaling her government up at a fast pace and Russia is scaling down her government to make it more effective and leaner…

We Rebuilt The Fallen Outhouse...

Sveta and I have just returned from a wonderful two weeks in our village.  In the village, life comes to a screeching halt and all the pressures of the city are gone. You simply do what feels right and breath deeply…

One of 10 main projects this time was to try to bring the old outhouse back to life. It had collapsed into the hole dug beneath it and was in a serious situation, that included falling down on our fence…

So after doing some investigation into the total shape of said building. Sveta and I decided to become carpenters for a day…

Once again we have a solid and ugly outhouse that does its job that is intended… :)

Sveta was the painter...

Sveta applied a coat of paint to the essential part of the outhouse and now we are “uptown” as they say…

We had multiple of other projects and I will be bringing them up as the week goes by…

Sveta and I had a rough time coming home and we wanted to stay in wonderland a few more weeks or maybe for the rest of our lives. But the call of the city and responsibilities won out and we decided to come back to Moscow

It is strange how stepping back to a simpler existence makes everything have a better perspective. Water comes from a well that we draw up in buckets. Electricity is unstable as a strong wind and you must be able to create from scratch all necessary repairs on things…

That is what makes it feel like home to me…

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