British-American intelligence TV drama Strike Back had several episodes featuring Novichok nerve agent and Evil Russkies last year

Therefore, we had this just foolishness recently (below link/article;) “featuring Novichok nerve agent and Evil Russkies” ….hmm, kinda makes for some interesting belly button contemplating thoughtfulness…

Well now you know who wants that damn World War Three…

Has the leaders in the west lost their marbles? Watching too much TV? Too many movies? Hollywood on the brain? Russians under the bed?


21 new metro stations to be built this year – Moscow City Web Site

Never have so many stations opened in Moscow at a time. The city and the Moscow Metro will open 21 new metro stations this year, said Deputy Moscow Mayor for Urban Development and Construction Marat Khusnullin.

“This year we plan to put 51 kilometers and 21-24 stations into service,” noted Khusnullin. He added that the Salaryevo-Stolbovo section may also be opened. The Deputy Mayor stressed that never had so many metro stations been opened in Moscow in such a short time.

Source: 21 new metro stations to be built this year / News / Moscow City Web Site