Artyem (Artem) Justin Hansen: Someone Did Not Want Him?

Russian news:
Adoptive mother and grandmother took little Russian Artem Saveliev and sent the boy’s by plane home to Russia. They are now wanted by the police in Tennessee. The Hansen Family left their house in the town of Shelbyville, and their current whereabouts are unknown.

According to local newspapers, neighbors, that the foster family (Hansens) lived in isolation, did not attend church, where people meet to socialize. Shelbyville residents believe that if Artem encounter any problems, they should have been dealt within the city itself and Hansen should not have to send the child to Russia “as a defective product.”

Also in apperaing on the scene a Russian lawyer (Karina Krasnov), who said that the boy’s grandmother spoke to her in early March with the question of how to get rid of the child in a legal manner. Her daughter could not cope with her parental duties, and the child’s behavior frightened them: that the boy tried to light a fire in the bedroom and threatened to burn the house. According to Krasnova, she offered to send a Maritime Court application for rescission of adoption, and the family never raised the issue of sending the boy back to Russia again. So they must have considered that an unacceptable method. However, after consultation with counsel in question above. The grandmother bought the foster grandson, a plane ticket …

Could a foster mother have parted with her son a more humane way?

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PS: Starting to sound like Grandma was not a happy camper that daughter brought a kid home from a Russian vacation? This whole thing seems to be driven by the Grandma… Hummmm!