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Coffee in Russia the same as Coffee in America…

chemical-structure-caffeineCoffee What it is made of (below) and Caffeine (The essence of coffee!) how it looks (to the left)…

Purine Alkaloids
MineralsBasesChlorogenic Acids
CaffeineCalciumBetaine(3-; 4-; 5-) Chlorogenic acid
LiverineMagnesiumCholine(3,4-; 3,5-; 4,5-) Dicaffeoylquinic acid
MethylliberinePhosphate ;Niacin< Feruloylquinic 5-) 4-; (3-;>

But wait that is not all…

LipidsAliphatic AcidsCarbohydrates
Diterpene esters(mainly cafestol and kahweol palmitate and linoleate)AceticArabinose
Free dietepenes(mainly cafestol and kahweol)C3-C10Fructose
Free fatty acidsCitricGalactose
Hydrocarbons(mainly squalane and nonacosane)FormicGlucose
Tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma-isomers)MalicMannose
Triglycerides (mainly esters of linoleic and palmitic acids)Oxalic ;<>
Triterpene, sterols and methylsterol estersQuinic and quinidesXylose

My favorite stuff….

hot-cup-of-coffeeKyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

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