Coffee in Russia the same as Coffee in America…

chemical-structure-caffeineCoffee What it is made of (below) and Caffeine (The essence of coffee!) how it looks (to the left)…

Purine Alkaloids
Minerals Bases Chlorogenic Acids
Caffeine Calcium Betaine (3-; 4-; 5-) Chlorogenic acid
Liverine Magnesium Choline (3,4-; 3,5-; 4,5-) Dicaffeoylquinic acid
Methylliberine Phosphate ; Niacin < Feruloylquinic 5-) 4-; (3-;>
Paraxanthine Potassium Trigonelline
Theacrine Sulphate

But wait that is not all…

Lipids Aliphatic Acids Carbohydrates
Diterpene esters(mainly cafestol and kahweol palmitate and linoleate) Acetic Arabinose
Free dietepenes(mainly cafestol and kahweol) C3-C10 Fructose
Free fatty acids Citric Galactose
Hydrocarbons(mainly squalane and nonacosane) Formic Glucose
5-hydroxytryptamides Fumaric Inositol
Phospholipids Lactic Mannitol
Tocopherols (alpha, beta, gamma-isomers) Malic Mannose
Triglycerides (mainly esters of linoleic and palmitic acids) Oxalic ; <>
Triterpene, sterols and methylsterol esters Quinic and quinides Xylose

My favorite stuff….

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