From Russia: Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko will save Moldova and Bulgaria from Russian Evil!

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While I was drinking a cup of delicious coffee I came across a comment from a reader on our article From Russia: Press Conference by Putin on Ukraine Blackmail Over Gas!. He alerted me to the fact that Ukraine is going to save Moldova and Bulgaria from when Russia turned off their gas.

RIA Novosti reports the situation like this: “Ukraine’s president has promised to start providing 2 million cubic meters of natural gas daily to Bulgaria and Moldova from its own reserves on January 10, the presidential press service said on Saturday.”

First off lets remember it was Ukraine in the first place that shut off the gas lines and then remember that most of this gas that they will give to Moldova and Bulgaria is stolen from Russia.

So lets hope that he will turn the gas back on and then maybe we should be asking.

Why did he (Yushchenko) turn off the gas in the first place?

Things like this keep me saying: Hummmm!

Kyle & Svet

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