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“#FrozenAmerica”: Locals Panic As 92% Of US Below Freezing

Source: “#FrozenAmerica”: Locals Panic As 92% Of US Below Freezing

I find this article above interesting, for Russia is the opposite and is really very nice weather here…

I am not complaining….for it is great to walk around in just 0 Celsius temperatures instead of -20 below and that my friend is a needed break for us Russian types…

I have always said, “Keep the natural gas at home and use it for your own people! Life is not a dollar bill and staying warm is worth all the gold and dollars in the world.”

Why Britain is being beat to death over extremely high gas prices, that Russia is having to ship excess gas LNG to Britain so that the British do not run out of fuel this winter…

Hmm! Maybe Russia needs to ship some to America?

Stay warm America…


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