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Going To Ukraine and get a Visa to Russia…

For the rest of this week. I will be traveling to Ukraine and back. It is that time for me to go get a new visa. I will as I always do, take a train. I just look forward to the train trip. I get to enjoy new experiences every time I go…

When I get back I am planning on writing a new article on getting a Russian visa and update the procedure for everyone who wants to live in Russia and have fun… 🙂

The game plan is this: Leaving Moscow on Wednesday (Sveta is staying home and take care of Boza.) and arriving in Kiev early Thursday morning. I then go to the Russian consulate and get my paper work done as soon as they open. Then I usually have to wait around before I can get into the hotel so I plan on stopping at a McDonald’s and try out my new mobile blogging system with their free WiFi (I like free!). Then if all goes well I will stay one night in a hotel and pick up my visa the next day (Friday). At that point I am free for several hours until my train leaves Kiev. They have WiFi in a great cafe at the Kiev train station and I plan on practicing my mobile blogging again…

Like my grandma would have said, “Practice makes perfect!”


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