Justice: Torry Hansen You Do Owe Artyom Savelyev Child Support…

As you know I have about twenty + articles on this horrible excuse for a woman, mother and animal, whose name is Torry Hansen. I have not changed my opinion since this American person sent a little boy back to Russia like a discarded suitcase, after adopting him and deciding she did not want him. She actually sent him alone with a note saying she did not want him, on a jet back to Russia…

Well after a lot of time and effort Russia has gotten some form of satisfaction for the boy and his rights…

A court in the state of Tennessee obliged a U.S. woman, who sent her adopted son back to Russia, to pay some $150,000 in damages, child support, and legal fees, local NewsChannel5 television reported.

Torry Hansen was living in Tennessee in April 2010, when she put Artyom Savelyev, then seven, on a flight to his native Russia unaccompanied, with a note saying she did not want him because he was “psychotic.” She had adopted the boy from a Russian orphanage in 2009.

Hansen, who now resides in the state of California, was sued in March for unpaid child support by her adoption agency, World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP).

A judge in Tennessee ordered “Hansen to pay her adopted son $58,000, the adoption agency $29,000 and attorney fees of nearly $63,000 as well as $1,000 a month in child support,” NewsChannel5 said.

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There are a whole bunch more, just search the blog…

I have no respect for this woman at all and I really feel she should have been imprison and most likely will be, because she will not be able to pay child support and believe you me Russia will not let it lay silent…

This incident became a matter of principle and the fact that America had no rules to keep a situation like this from happening was beyond comprehension. In fact this has stimulated years of meetings between America and Russia as the ground work for adoption processes is being laid as you read this…

I like a special saying for an occasion like this: “There is more than one way to skin a cat!”

Torry you got skinned finally and you deserved it for sending an 8 year old boy back to Russia after you discarded him like a sack of trash…

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A US court has sentenced Torry Hansen, who sent her adopted Russian son back home, to pay thousands of dollars for damage and legal fees. Russia’s Children Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov finds the sentence fair and right, however, Torry Hansen is not happy and has filed a lawsuit against the principal of the orphanage where Artyom had lived. Mrs. Hansen is to pay $ 58,000 for moral damage, $ 29,000 to an adoption agency and $ 63,000 in legal fees. She’ll also be paying $1,000 dollars a month to support Artyom until he turns 18. Artyom is ten now. In April… Read more »


please keep with this pace, i am going to follow all of your blogs.


That woman is a bitch, I lived next to her and use to give him cookies. She use to bring them back to my house and throw them at me! Bitch!


I completely agree with you that she should be jailed. I think that this was one of the most heartless acts anyone could do – and I love that russia did tests and treatment and determined that nothing was wrong with that beautiful boy. She is a terrible person.