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Libya’s crisis has Egyptian roots…

Vladimir Akhmedov, a Moscow-based Middle East expert with the Institute of Oriental Studies. What happened in Libya was seriously connected with the events in Egypt. Libya was very tightly connected to Egypt in the framework of cooperation between special services, as far as exchange of intelligence information, etc, Suleiman’s ministry, essentially. This was a strategic depth in Africa, in the north of Africa, in Egypt, under Mubarak and his regime. And when the revolution took place there, talk about the events in Libya started. They really occurred one after the other: on the 11th Mubarak stepped down and the revolution essentially started on the 17th, or on the 15th by some other accounts. So these are connected from the point of view of cooperation between special services go, they were really ensuring security for each other. After everything changed in Egypt, it would really have been quite strange if everything didn’t change in Libya…
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Source: Voice of Russia.

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