NATO and Madeleine Albright and Russia!

Watch the video! No really watch the video then come back…
This really is an unbelievable video and is chocked full of surprises for NATO lovers! NATO has done a 180 degree turn around on Russia…
Now is it a real stance? Or is it a face of a dying organization that really needs Russia to become part of the game so that it can prolong NATO’s viability in the worlds eyes?
Madeleine Albright does help give it some credibility and her speech was very good and sounded sincere. Does she have the power to really make it happen?
Remember Russia has a different plan for European security and that is a major threat to NATO. As Medvedev has said, NATO is not Russia’s friend and is a threat to Russian security.
Time will tell and we shall see what happens. Right now this is either an historic event or…
Windows to Russia!
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