NATO: Proposes Summit With Russia?

NATO has proposed a summit meeting between heads of state and government of the alliance member states and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the NATO Bucharest summit scheduled in April, the NATO spokesman said Wednesday.

“I can confirm that the (NATO) secretary general, in his capacity as chair of the NATO-Russia Council, has written to the Russian Federation, suggesting that we hold a NATO-Russia Council in Bucharest at the level of heads of state and government,” James Appathurai told reporters at a regular briefing.

“The letter is addressed to President Putin,” he said.

The spokesman said it is up to Putin to decide whether such a summit meeting will take place. He said the letter has been received by Moscow.

All the 26 NATO allies believe in added value in such a meeting, said the spokesman.

The NATO-Russia summit would be the first of its kind if it becomes reality in the end.


I was right, I thought that NATO had issues with Russia! I just posted an article about Russia / NATO issues. I turn around and then find this all over the internet!

Lets hope that Putin is in a good mood and will decide to have this meeting.

Seems NATO might be getting a little bit intimidated by a possible Angry Bear!


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