Recipe From Russia: Simple Russian Style Goulash

Russian Style Goulash:

Goulash is really a Hungarian dish in origin, it most times resembles a thick soup or stew. It usually is prepared with beef and there are countless different recipes. This is a very simple, easy and oh – so yummy recipe.

* Beef – half kilo will do (whole muscle, not ground beef and cubed)
* 3 tablespoonful of flour
* 2 big onions (sliced in medium size rings)
* 2 medium potatoes (peeled and cubed)
* 2 medium fresh tomatoes (wedged)
* salt and pepper to taste
* laurel leaf (1)

Cut the beef into cubes 1 inch on each side – wet beef cube with water and roll in flour.
Cut the onions into rings – wet with water and roll in flour.
Cut tomatoes into wedges. (you may peel if desired)
peel and cut potatoes into 1 inch cubes.

Drop floured beef cubes into hot oil in a non stick skillet. Turn the pieces, so that every side of the cube is flash fried. (This is only to seal the crust not cook the meat.) Once fried put the cubes into a big saucepan.

Drop floured onion rings into hot oil in same skillet then once fried like you fried the meat, add to the saucepan on top of the meat. Then add potatoes and tomatoes on top the onions. Salt and pepper to taste. Laurel leaf thrown in pot on top of everything. Add water just to cover the bottom because the tomatoes will produce the liquid necessary.

Cover with a lid and stew for 30 minutes on a slow fire. Check by taking lid off and gently stir the Goulash. Cook on low heat another 20 minutes with lid off. Increase cooking time if not thick enough. (Or you can add tomato paste to thicken the end product. Also add water if too thick.)

The flour on the meat and onions most likely will disappear as slow cooking develops. It is there to thicken the sauce more than anything. Cooking time usually does not exceed 60 minutes. Just make sure meat is done.

There are millions of variations of this recipe and this is not a original Russian food. But Russians love this dish and all have their own version… Lets Eat – Yummy!

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