Disqus Comments Works for Windows to Russia!


As many of you know here in Russia I love coffee, but what you don’t know is that my favorite coffee in the world is coffee with hazelnut creamer. Yesterday I found some hazelnut coffee at the store and guess what? Add creamer I have my favorite coffee!

As I am drinking that wonderful cup of hazelnut coffee, I was thinking about the comment system Disqus and how well it is working. I had said that I will give it some time, then if happy I will do an article about the system.

Well it has been some time and I am happy!

Disqus (pronounced Discuss) http://disqus.com/ has won the right to stay on Windows to Russia as the comment system. It is not perfect and truthfully nothing is perfect, but it comes close. I tried IntenseDebate and it failed miserably. I tried Google friends and it failed double miserably. I tried three others and they all failed miserably and more miserably…

Let the Disqus website tell us what the system is about:

1. Disqus is a powerful comment system that easily enhances the discussion on websites.
2. In minutes, connect your community with those of thousands of other websites.
3. Track conversations across the web, plus bridge discussions with your favorite services such as FriendFeed and Plaxo.
4. Threaded replies reveal the conversations in your comments.
5. And now it’s easier to keep the discussion alive with email and mobile replying.
6. Features such as ratings and video comments make comments interactive and expressive.
7. An intuitive admin section makes it easy to moderate the discussions from one or multiple websites.
8. Disqus is easy to customize, with widgets that lets your audience become your community.
9. With search engine-friendly plug-ins and complete data sync, Disqus is as safe to use as it is easy.
10. Why do people write more comments on sites using Disqus? It’s because we believe that there’s no difference between a great comment and a great blog post.
11. With greater control and commenter profiles, people feel good about taking the time to speak (or type) their minds.

I will say that all that they write is a fair truth. I want to add that in the case of Windows to Russia it cut back on terrible comments. Windows to Russia was deluged with hate and racist comments. They hit a peak with IntenseDebate and it got out of hand. These comments came from some well know anti Russian sites that seem to have an attitude toward Windows to Russia. I have not had a really bad comment on site per say since installing Disqus. It seems that the comments are under control now. (Knock on wood please!)

It is not all roses with Disqus though. Disqus seems to go off line about once a day. It just will not load. This affects the whole site and causes issues. The down time is very short and maybe not that noticeable. It just is an issue that I wish they would correct. There also is a way to get around the spam system but it is not serious and I check comments a lot along with readers help…

Is Disqus worth it? Yes I think so!

It works on Windows to Russia.
comments always welcome.