America the Turbulent Agitator For Russia!

I have to comment on this new – but not new – information.

The USA is going to train Georgian troops for Afghanistan? This is a Pravda article that has finally caught on to what is happening. Down at the end of this article you will find a few Western press links so that you will not cry foul on a Russian news source…

I have seen this information on lots of Western press news sources and they make it sound like Georgia needs all this training for them to help in Afghanistan. So America is spending allot of money and going to give the brotherly love and help needed…

If you remember correctly, I posted several times about my trip to Ukraine and had my wallet stolen. During those posts and other posts – I expressed what I found out about Ukraine and Georgia. I posted the fact that Georgia was promised military hardware by Biden and that hardware and training will cost the USA 1.4 billion or so dollars. I also said that America promised Ukraine a couple of billion dollars to help keep the Ukraine president in office. That Ukraine money was given also so that Ukraine will help supply weapons again to Georgia.

This is a quote from an article that I did almost 3 weeks ago: “One thing that stood out to me was the political undertones from the American Embassy in Ukraine that infiltrated into the Ukraine Governmental section. America is and has been buying the Ukraine government for some time now. Biden just bought and paid for Ukraine’s help to rearm Georgia. That is a No – No and should be stopped. American politics need to stay out of Ukraine or any other country for that matter…” (Link)

I am now going to tell you another tidbit of information. The USA is involved in the Caucus uprising that is causing a huge issue and many civilian deaths in Russia. America has discovered that money will by lots of fair weather friends to play games against Russia. (and others)

So the American Government is 1. rearming Georgia, 2. Paying Ukraine to help rearm Georgia, and 3. stirring up serious issues in South Russia!

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