Recipe From Russia: Simple Russian Chicken Hearts, Gizzards and Livers!


Lets have a good country home style food today.

What do you normally do with chicken hearts, gizzards and livers?

Throw them away?

That’s a mistake!

Some of the least expensive parts of a chicken are probably some of the least appreciated parts. I prepare this different when I was in America but I have been served and seen them done this way in Russia! Just last night Svet and I had chicken gizzards and they were oh so good…


*at least a half kilo of hearts or gizzards or livers (or all three mixed together)

* two large onions

* three carrots

*sour cream (There is that favorite Russian food again)

*salt and pepper to taste

Wash the chicken and cut them into halves and then wash again.
Slice the carrots after peeling into diced pieces.
Peel the onions and dice the same as the carrots.

Fry the hearts separately in a skillet with a light covering of vegetable oil on the skillet bottom. I suggest just cooking until they are done or almost done.

At this point take a large pot and put the cooked chicken in with the onions, carrots, about quarter cup of water, salt and pepper to taste and the number one ingredient – sour cream. (no that is not enough sour cream – please add lots more) Please stir gently to thoroughly mix – now blob some more sour cream on it!

We now make a stew out of it by cooking on a very low fire or burner for 35 – 45 minutes. (Be careful to not heat the sour cream too fast and hot, because it will break and become watery. Heat to evaporate moisture so that the product thickens and cooks.)

Remember to stir enough so as not to scorch.

Goes perfect with mashed potatoes, rice, noodles or on a big baked potato as a filler also!

Windows to Russia!
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