Russia: Don’t Try to Give me That Substandard Chicken!


I was drinking my morning cup of coffee and came across Russia Banning 19 USA Poultry Companies. I turned to my wife and said Tyson Foods is going to be one of these companies. Guess what? It was….

How would I know this: Amongst my resume of things that I have done in my life, I spent many years dealing with Corporate Food Service! One of the issues that befalls upper management is to make deals with other Corporations for food supplies. One of the worst suppliers that I had to deal with was Tyson Foods. I vetoed many shipments of Tyson products in my time. why? Because they were made up up substandard products and non compliance with rules & regulations.

Why do you think that in the early 2000’s Tyson is and was one of the top 10 worst Corporations in America? (The situation has not gotten any better with Tyson over antibiotics in chickens!)

When I see Tyson in the store here, I just shake my head and say to my wife, “Don’t buy….!”

Kyle & Svet

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