Russia: Putin Keeps His Promise to Little Dasha!

Putin was on air all over Russia!


The other day when Putin had a telephone answer question session with all of Russia, the world concentrated on the political issues that he answered. But one question that was not political and had to do with the Russian New Year!

Dasha Varfolomyeevaya called Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during his televised question and answer session on December 4 to ask for a new dress. In reply, Putin invited the girl, from a remote village in the East Siberian republic of Buryatia, to meet the New Year in Moscow.

“It is nearly New Year,” Dasha said. “We live on my granny’s pension, and there is no work in the village. Me and my sister dream about new dresses. I want to ask you for a dress like Cinderella’s. Please be a kind wizard for us on New Year.” (Link)

It seems that Putin has made sure that the little girl, her sister and granny will be in Moscow for New Years.

This is just one of the promises that Putin made that night and from what I am seeing he is going to follow up on all of them and make them happen.

If you never got to see or read about the Question and Answer session Putin had, then it is well worth the time to check it out. (Link)

Maybe Putin is a kind Wizard…….

Kyle & Svet

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