Russia: Terrible Bus Crash in Israel Kills 30 Russians!

30 people have died after the bus they were in drove into a ravine in the south of Israel. At least 21 injured, some of them in grave condition, have been taken to the nearest hospital. In total there were 49 Russians and two Israelis on the bus. All of the passengers were tour operators from St. Petersburg. The employees of five Russian travel agencies were taking a tour around Israel to lean more about the hotels and sights they will offer to their customers. The trip was organized by an Israeli tour-operator.

The accident happened not far from the Egyptian border, near the resort city of Eilat. Witnesses say the bus fell over 80 metres into the ravine.

Both military helicopters and dozens of first aid medical units were on the scene.

Sad situation: 80 meters is about 250 feet!

Kyle & Svet