Russia: Good Golly Molly – It Is Cold!

Red area is super cold!

Russia’s Yakutia Republic suffers from Arctic temperatures

Temperatures in some settlements of Russia’s Yakutia Republic may reach 60 degrees below zero Centigrade (-76F) during the next couple of days. This year’s winter in Yakutia is a lot colder than usual: the republic sits on the way of cold Arctic air currents that reach the territory of the republic without any obstacles, and the air becomes even colder at nighttime under the clear sky. Yakutia is washed by the Laptev and Eastern Siberian Seas of the Arctic Ocean – the coldest and the iciest waters in the northern hemisphere

This is what people get when they complain that it is the warmest December on Record. It drops to -76F. (Yes that is right negative 76 degrees Fahrenheit.)

I do not think we want to visit right now….

Kyle & Svet

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