Svet Sunday: How to get a virus by making subtitles!


Today I’ll tell you how we got a virus to our computer.

The First was an idea.. No, the first was a beautiful Soviet Cartoon and my strong wish to publish it at my Svet Sunday. The cartoon was nice and cute and I would recommend it to everybody from very very little kid to their grandparents and even grand grandparents. The name of this cartoon is “Run, Little Stream” and I published it here. All was OK with this cartoon – but it did not have English subtitles… So I decided to correct this situation and to write the subtitles – that would not be too much just about 2-3 phrases. First of all I decided to download this cartoon from one of Russian cartoon collection sites then I would edit this cartoon by putting subtitles and all our readers would enjoy it!

When I got this cartoon (.avi file) I tried to play it – but it just showed first couple frames without sound and than almost stopped. I asked Kyle for help and he’s got some Codecs for me [that was pretty new OS there] but it did not help then somehow we’ve seen two .avi files on our computer and one of them was real cartoon and could be played very well. But soon we noticed that Firefox behaves strange.. and we realized that we have a virus.

Kyle tried to cure this virus but it was impossible! In a little time we could not start any of Operation Systems on our computer. Then we took a decision to format all our hard-drives and install new Operation System from scratch.

Kyle spent hours installing OSes downloading applications and making all settings.Now I use completely new Operation System (One that Kyle has developed himself from open source) very unusual and different, what still needs some works done. But I don’t complain because we have backup (DVD-copy) of our most important files, pictures and videos and I was stunned when Kyle showed me that we even did not loose our bookmarks because he is using Foxmarks.

Why did I write this article? Just to remind to our dear readers: “Please, Remember to do Backups (Save your important Data)!”

As for the cartoon… I decided that it is good and understandable enough even without subtitles. Is it not? 😉

Best wishes for everybody,