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Three Times You Are Out of Here!

The first warning was given awhile back and now the second issuance of that warning has been given! For Russia’s President Medvedev that will be the last warning he gives…

If you follow this blog, then you know that I have stated from the beginning of Medvedev’s term that he is a nice guy but heed what he says!

What are we talking about? That is a good question and the answer is: Medvedev gives orders of things to be done to members of the government and heads of regions. He is not giving orders just to hear himself talk out loud. He is giving orders as the president of Russia and he means it…

So when these officials get back to his questions he gets a variety of answers that really amount to a bunch of lazy worthless officials!

Medvedev made a statement during a huge video conference that included these officials from all over Russia and Medvedev said that the reports that government and organizations send to him are “Not always substantial.” Plus he is quoted as saying, “Quite often they simply give runarounds.” Then he said, “In order to meet the deadlines, our dear colleagues report that such and such has been done. However, in reality – when a case is examined – it reveals that nothing was done.”

Medvedev has made it clear that the third time is the charm…

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