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What a wonderful day today… TRV

Today I will mow grass some more, work on the car, take a walk and hug my sweetie pie several times…

The birds are singing, the village is quiet and peaceful and the mosquitoes are being blown away by the strong breeze…

Yes it is a good day…



  1. Lucy Woelbern May 25, 2018

    You and Sveta NEED the village for your personal, mental peace. I do hate when every other post is political when you are in Moscow. I know you need to vent and I try to understand. The village and all it’s quirks but simplicity are much more readable for an oldie like me. Thanks for visiting where your heart and body should always be. Lucy

  2. blackseabrew May 28, 2018

    Is that a photo of a patch of strawberries?

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