2008 Chinese, Year Of The Rat!


This is the Eve of Chinese New Year today! Thank our friend Mazlin for reminding us about this holiday! Really, that is not public holiday in Russia (at least in European part of Russia). But Radio and TV news tell us about this. Russians always know about their Zodiac Sign and Chinese Animal of their birth-year. Maybe because we consider Russia a country in the middle between West and East, people in Russia respect both Eastern and Western horoscopes. Even Russian astrologist admit Oriental horoscopes. My friend who was studying in Academy of Astrology asked his professor what means Oriental Signs – Animals. And the professor told that is very easy: Oriental circle is 12 years and that is circle of Jupiter and Jupiter responsible for relationships a person with society… So if you still do not know your birth-year Animal, you can find out right here:


When you find out who you are, here is very interesting Horoscope about you! LINK

For this holiday we found for you very beautiful Chinese video. This is a video of 21 members of the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe performing the Thousand-hand Bodhisattva dance; the members are all deaf. So let’s watch:

As for us, we do not need to know your birthday year, to tell you that: You (our readers) are the most intelligent, attentive, loyal, wonderful, beautiful & excellent people – just best of all!

And all of you will have a lot of Good Luck and all what you want this year of Rat!

Happy New Year!
Svet and Kyle

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