TSA and DHS Have Been Pounding Windows to Russia…

First; last week DHS attacked… IP Address (click for more detail): Hostname: sbcp6.dhs.gov Country: US AS: 15147 AS Name: DHSINETNOC – DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY,US Network: ( ——————– Then TSA attacked… Through Germany… hos-tr4.juniper2.rz19.hetzner.de ( 0 ms 15. core22.hetzner.de ( 1 ms 16. core4.hetzner.de ( 4 ms Continue reading »

E-mail; Are You Kidding?

I received an e-mail: Dear ****head! I bet money that you would never say all the things you do – if you still lived in the US! I think you are just tough acting because you can’t be stopped as easy! Come home and see what they do to you! Continue reading »

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