$500 per cup? – Don’t be stupid, stupid…

Coffee Lovers May Someday Brew Their Java with Space-Roasted Beans:
According to Room Magazine, the capsule could be about 350 cubic feet (10 cubic meters) to encompass the roasters and other components, and weigh about 1,100 lbs. (500 kg) on Earth. By adapting the attachment, it could work with different rockets — though the founders are “in discussion with a handful of providers, including Rocket Lab and Blue Origin,” there is no set plan. They added that their goal is to space-roast coffee beans by 2020 and serve them first in Dubai before expanding internationally.

Though the founders don’t propose a price for the coffee, Eric Berger in Ars Technica calculates based on the mass and proposed trajectory that with launch costs alone this coffee could cost about $200 per cup. With the cost of design, development and the capsule itself, the per-cup cost after the beans are recovered from land or sea could reach $500.

Source: Coffee Lovers May Someday Brew Their Java with Space-Roasted Beans | Space

Do not play around with coffee!


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