75th Victory Day Putin speaks

and many links Svetochka sent me…

Putin commemorates 75th anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany

Aerial parade marks Victory Day in Moscow

Parade in Minsk (Belorussia):

Airshow in Kubinka 9th of May 2020, 15:00

Fireworks illuminate Moscow’s skies for Victory Day

Movie about 23 of June, 1945 Parade in Moscow

and Ryazan…




Sveta knew that I was in no mood yesterday to watch anything as I was busy painting and working before the rains hit. Today, it is raining like crazy and I am posting all Svetochka’s hard work for anyone who wants to see about Victory Day 75 years…

I just filled three huge buckets with water. You never have enough water and I need to get back to work. Life in the Tiny Russian Village is never dull and boring…


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