US got caught with their pants down

By | May 9, 2020

US got caught with their pants down!

Weren’t they (USA) just bragging & bolstering about offering $15 million to take out the President of Venezuela? Haven’t they been threatening Venezuela with tons of sanctions and trying to install a puppet for president? I remember that we even acknowledged that the puppet is the president of Venezuela? Is my memory correct? Yes it is….I even remember much much money being directed at the puppet fake president of Venezuela to help him overthrow the legit government of Venezuela…

Thirty-one people have been arrested for their role in the bungled incursion, Chief Prosecutor Tarek Saab said on Friday, including two Americans who work for the security firm that organised it, Silvercorp USA.Authorities said eight people were killed.The two captured Americans appeared on state television in Venezuela on Wednesday and Thursday, saying they had been tasked by Silvercorp with taking control of the Caracas airport in order to fly out President Nicolas Maduro after his planned seizure by the group.On Friday, Venezuela requested the extradition of US veteran Jordan Goudreau, chief executive of Florida-based Silvercorp USA, who has claimed responsibility for the plan, and two US-based Venezuelans for their roles in the failed incursion.

Source: Russia to help Venezuela search for members of failed incursion – report

Yes of course the USA denies anything about it and yet still admit they are trying to overthrow the true Venezuela Gov…

You simply cannot make this stuff up…

Very very very bad nasty country you are USA…

US got caught with their pants down and it is not a pretty sight!


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