Here we go again and again, Russia Russia China China…

Phase two of trials for a Russian-made coronavirus vaccine will end on August 3, to be immediately followed by a third, international phase. If successful, it could be the first effective Covid-19 solution to be mass-produced.The vaccine, which has been developed by Moscow’s Gamalei Institute of Epidemiology in conjunction with the Ministry of Defense, will soon begin clinical trials abroad.“The third phase will not only take place in Russia, but also in a number of other countries,” Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), told reporters during an online press conference. “We expect to receive regulatory approval to start using the Russian vaccine in August-September.”

Source: As Covid-19 vaccine enters final stage of testing, Russia could be world’s first country with mass immunization program — RT Russia News

Oh My; The milk has curdled in someone’s afternoon tea. Bring in the usual suspects!

China is engaged “in an economic blitzkrieg, an aggressive, orchestrated, whole-of-government  – indeed, whole-of-society – campaign to seize the commanding heights of the global economy and to surpass the US as the world’s preeminent technological superpower,” Barr said on Thursday in a speech at the Gerald Ford Presidential Museum in Michigan.

I think that the regime in the US & UK have gone completely delusional. They can’t accept that they are/have become a failing power in the world and are doing everything to regain their status. The world has moved on but they are still stuck in the 1960’s…

The US/UK just doesn’t get that they are on the downhill run as the World Super Power… China is miles ahead in technology and also economically. Eurasia will be the center of everything, and maybe then there will be peace.

Both Russia and China are playing the long game. It’s like in boxing when the more capable and stronger opponent gets the weaker one to dance around and wear himself out. Fascinating to watch…


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