Abkhazian Orthodox Church officially declared separation from the Georgian Orthodox Church!

Can they do that?

While I am far from being an expert on religions and have very little knowledge about the inner workings of the Orthodox faith. But – I do know that this recent development in Abkhazia and South Ossetia could lead to big issues real quick on the Orthodox religious front…

Head of the Abkhazian Church Vissarion officially declared separation from the Georgian Orthodox Church. This decision was jointly taken by all the church officers of the diocese. Meanwhile, the authorities of South Ossetia also thought it necessary to protect their Church which is not yet recognized worldwide. They are not satisfied with the position of the Russian clergy who acknowledge the right of the Georgian Orthodox Church (GOC) for the spiritual charge of the parish of the independent republic. It looks like the diocese of Alania is going to follow the Abkhazian diocese and declare autocephaly. (Link)

So it looks like a serious issue to me and could lead to grave consequences. Wonder what will happen in this case?

Lets just keep an eye on the subject and we will see…

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