AK-12: new generation of legendary weapon…


AK-12: new generation of legendary weapon

Chambered in 5.45mm, the AK-12 assault rifle is the main model of personal small arms for mechanised infantry and other units’ personnel in the Armed Forces of Russia.

🆕 The AK-12 is a completely new-level assault rifle.

🚩 Designed and manufactured by the Kalashnikov Concern.

This model is the peak of the AK pattern development and is characterised by well-thought-out ergonomics, adaption for being operated at any time of day or night, increased precision and accuracy.

Features ⬇️

🔘 Folding and length adjustable stock (allows to adapt the product to fit the shooter’s specifics, increases the convenience to operate)

🔘 Picatinny rail on the receiver (for mounting collimator, optical and nigh vision sights)

🔘 Handguard with Picatilly rails (allows to mount additional accessories: a light, a handle etc., improved barrel cooling).

🔘 Muzzle brake (minimises the rise, reduces the recoil and the flash).


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