Kadyrov talks about oppression of the nationalists against civilians…

During fierce hostilities, it is very important to use your rare free minutes in direct dialogue with the people liberated from the fascist yoke. Dear BROTHER, Rustam Aguev, head of the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for the Kurchaloevsky district, guided by this very principle, devoted his free time to a conversation with civilians who, by chance, ended up not far from the place of deployment of the fighters.

Looking at the face of this elderly man, one can clearly see how tired he was of the oppression of the nationalists. Like all his close relatives, friends, numerous acquaintances, he hoped with all his heart that sooner or later deliverers would come, drive out the proliferation of fascist evil spirits and restore historical justice. And it happened. Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers with surgical precision cut out and cut out a vile fascist tumor from the face of the earth.



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