All – Russia Honey and Honey Products Fair Time!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

It is that time of the year again in Moscow, Russia!

At least 400 bee-keepers have gathered and they have come from the 50 regions of Russia and the CIS countries. The reason that they have invaded Moscow, is to take part in the annual “All – Russia Honey and Honey Products Fair” that is running through to March 3 at the Manezh exhibition center.

There will be about 60 varieties of honey to choose from. You can meet all your honey needs like propolis, royal jelly, pollen, wax and natural mead. There also will be tons of literature with bee-keeping manuals and Russia honey fact books.

The honey that you can get from this fair in Russia is incredible. Some of these honeys are like eating ice cream they are so rich and smooth.

The cost last year for a kilogram of honey ranged about 500 Rubles ($15). The price varies by where it comes from in Russia. (That is a lot of honey.)

Entry is free.

Kyle & Svet

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