Always something and now to get on a new bandwagon to stay in Russia…

Not much to say and I really have to get with the program (bandwagon as I call it), for there is no choice. This is always the way it is in Russia….nothing stable in the area of visas, registrations and expats within Russia…

Wait for me, you are moving to fast!

Event:  Health Exams Requirements for Foreigners: Effective December 29, all foreigners working in Russia for a period over 90 days will be required to undergo quarterly comprehensive health examinations, including tests for sexually transmitted diseases, under a new law designed to improve health safety in the country. For more information on the law see: Federal Law dated 01.07.2021 No. 274-FZ ∙ Official publication of legal acts ∙ Official Internet portal of legal information (

Source: Health Alert – U. S. Embassy Moscow, Russia – U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Russia

So now lets see what I have to do?