Amazing in Nizhnevartovsk, Western Siberia

An incredibly daring rescue of a girl from her burning apartment was caught on camera by a stunned eyewitness who watched as a man pulled the young woman out through a window and into the property above.

The girl was sleeping in the fifth-floor of the building in Nizhnevartovsk, western Siberia, on September 22 when her cat suddenly woke her, alerting her to the blaze.

She ran to the window to call for help when her cries were answered by a 29-year-old man who leaned out and managed to pull her up the one-story gap, as firefighters prepared their ladders below.

Source: WATCH: Stranger rescues girl from BURNING apartment by pulling her through window on floor above — RT Russia News

A ladder truck is very slow to get into position. The man who saved the woman is a hero in my eyes. These are the things that happen and makes you realize that there is good in the world…

Smoke inhalation can be fatal in just seconds…

Could you pull a person up from the floor below?


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