America has attacked Russia: US Secret Services’ Tried to Capture 29 Russian Troops in Syria…

Damn Fools and more Damn Fools…

“According to our intelligence data, the offensive was instigated by the US security services to stop the successful advance of the government forces to the east of the [city of] Deir ez-Zor,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, commenting on the incident.

I doubt you will hear this in the western news…

I will say one thing clear! Russia is getting pissed and the Bear will slaughter if the games do not stop. Syria is being twisted by America to try to stop the Syrian Army from taking their land back. Russia is in for the end results of a complete Syria and they will go to war with America over Syria…

You want that? I do not want that! You should not either…

You will get it and get it bad…

Damn Fools…

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From what is reported on media in Russia it was a damn mess and “187 objects, about 850 terrorists, 11 Tanks, four armored vehicles, 46 Pickups, five mortars, 20 Trucks and 38 Weapons Warehouses were destroyed in a 24-hours period by the Russian counterattack.”

The Russians fought tooth and nail along side the Syrians and they say no deaths of any Russians. This is hard to believe from my experience, but I will take it at face value.

I do know that the Russian official report is simply this… (From Video)

A large-scale offensive on the positions of Syrian Government troops in the Idlib de-escalation zone, which breached a ceasefire agreement, was “initiated by the American secret services to stop the successful advance of the [Syrian] government troops to the east of Deir ez-Zor,”

Head of the Main Operational Department of Russian General Staff Sergei Rudskoi said in a briefing in Moscow, Wednesday.

Sergei Rudskoi, Head of Main Operational Department of Russian General Staff (Russian):

“Despite the agreements signed on 15th November in Astana, Jabhat Al-Nusra militants joined by groups unwilling to comply with the terms of the ceasefire, at 8.00am [local time] (06:00am GMT) on September 19 launched a large-scale offensive on the positions of government troops to the north and northeast of Hama in the Idlib de-escalation zone.

The attack was carried out with the support of tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, it was preceded by an artillery barrage.

During the day, the militants managed to penetrate 12 kilometres [7.5 miles] through the government troops’ defence line and at the front up to 20 kilometres [12.4 miles].

According to current information, the attack was initiated by the American secret services to stop the successful advance of the [Syrian] government troops to the east of Deir ez-Zor.

One of the main goals of the militants’ actions was an attempt to capture units of the Russian military police, amounting to 29 service personnel carrying out tasks at an observation point deployed in the area to control the de-escalation forces.

In the militants’ attack, a (Russian) military police platoon of 29 people was trapped and for several hours repelled the attacks of the enemy shoulder to shoulder with the Mwali tribe, which signed the agreement on joining the cessation of hostilities and remained true to it in this difficult situation.

In these extreme conditions the commander of the Russian forces in Syria, General-Colonel Surovkin, formed a rescue group.

It was composed of units of special operations forces, military police, joined by the military-natives of the North Caucasus (i.e – Chechens) and the Syrian Special Forces.

The squad was headed by Deputy Head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties and Hero of Russia, Major General Victor Shuliak.

Aviation conducted strikes on the terrorists’ positions. The actions of the rescue squad were constantly supported by a pair of Sukhoi Su-25s, striking at militants and armored vehicle militants from extremely low altitudes.

As a result, the encirclement was broken and units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, without a loss, reached the area controlled by the [Syrian] government troops. During the operation, three soldiers of the Special Operations Forces were injured. All participants of this unique operation were presented with state awards.

A terrorist attack was stopped and they suffered heavy losses due to the measures taken by the Russian command together with the General Staff of Syria.

Air and artillery strikes destroyed 187 objects, about 850 terrorists, 11 tanks, four armoured vehicles, 46 pickups, five mortars, 20 trucks and 38 weapons warehouses were destroyed in a 24-hours period.

Using the results of the fire support, units of the fifth volunteer assault corps, together with squads of government troops with the support of Russian aircraft, counterattacked and currently almost completely regained the ground lost.

The operation to destroy the terrorists will be continued.

Guess it was just an accident? Damn Fools…

The body bags are being flown home in secrete (filled with American secret service personnel) to America as you read this…. You Think! And if Russians have been killed? Then I promise that America will no longer be the only country wanting to get a war going…. Except in this case with Russia, they have been pushed to damn long…

There seems to be no limit to America’s depravity…


Russian answer to the American depravity – below:

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