America Shows Her True Colors in Ukraine!

Well surprise, surprise – Lets watch a video and see what America is up to today with our tax money. The talk of reset by America with Russia just fell apart with this inexcusable renewal of stupidity.

America has reconfirmed the desire to continue the political meddling in the gas industry in Europe in attempt to disrupt the business. This was already well known in Russia but ignored in the Western world. It will be interesting to see if the EU can show any independence from the Washington bull and circle of influence. Is the new EU presidential team, a political puppet of the USA, or a free thinking independent body?

It seems that the US just has lots of extra money to throw around on more foreign bureaucrats and more pointless underhanded escapades.

Why does America care about the Russian/Ukrainian gas issues? (Nabucco alternative this has been the main objective of USA foreign policy since 1989)

Yuschenko has just received more billions of dollars in support from the best public relations US firm that money can buy.

Is this America’s part of Ukraine’s election campaign to stir up the issue of gas in Europe? (With out a doubt it is.)

Why would Yuschenko miss such a wonderful opportunity to create destruction? (He will not win the election so he might as well finish taking the country down the road to ruin and get as rich as he can from it…)

So as I watch the protests continue about UCLA raising tuition 32% and watch students being arrested – I also watch our government take billions in American tax dollars and pour them into foreign countries political games, instead of helping our kids get a reasonably priced education… Sad

Windows to Russia!
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