Trip to Israel – Was a Blast! (photo set 1)

Hey Everyone,

We just got back from Israel and we had a great time. We got to spend some wonderful time with the best people that we could ever meet. We stayed with Chelita and Misha who have lived in Israel for many years now. They were born in Moldovia and decided the climate in Israel suited them better. So take a look at the pictures and I will try to put a little comment below or above each one…

Above – Arab village in the West Bank Area!
Above – Arab Village in the West Bank Area!
Above – Hot Tub and Sauna in our Hotel!
Above and Below – Sleeping commendations in Hotel!

Above – Chelita – The best cook in the world!
Above – While we traveled we saw landscape like this!
Above – While we traveled we saw landscape like this! (Rain a comming)
Above – Me – Checking out a dead coral reef!
Above and Below – The Grotto’s at the Lebanon border!
Below – Someone trying to sun bath??
Below – Fishing the Mediterranean!

Above – I do not know but he was not shy and kinda cute!

We covered all of Israel this time and even stopped at the dead sea. The pictures of the hotel is when we stayed and bobbed around in the dead sea for two days. We spent considerable time in the West Bank area studying the settlement issue that is causing heat on Israel… (Talk about that later on next week)

We met lots of new people and gained lots of phone numbers from new friends. We found the people of Israel were ever we went to be helpful and friendly.

We even buried the rental car in the sand at the beach and lots of people helped us get her out.

Part two of pictures tomorrow.

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