Americans Are Getting to Adopt From Russia Again…

For the couple from Tennessee, Derek and Kathleen Hunter, this New Year was very special.  They finally brought two Russian children who were adopted by the couple.  They were waiting for this moment for much longer than planned.

In April last year, Russia imposed a moratorium on adoptions of Russian children by American citizens, after an American woman who adopted a Russian boy, sent the child back to his home with a note where it was stated that she no longer wants to be with him.

The Hunters could not hold back their emotions when they were finally united with their one year old daughter and a two-year son whom has finally arrived in Nashville.

KATHLEEN HUNTER, foster mother: For all the difficulties with us at every turn was God.

DEREK HUNTER, adoptive father:children who need love and parents who are going to love these children. And when it all together – it’s just wonderful.

Also, it has become a reunion for children, since they are brother and sister and were in different orphanages.

The translation is done InoTV .

The terrible act that Torry Hansen did by sending Artyom back to Russia like a sack of potatoes has really hurt many loving families trying to adopt…

Here is a video on our Russian Video Blog of Artyom at this New Years Holidays. He is a great kid and really is not the Monster that Torry Hansen portrayed him to be. Funny (not, Ha Ha) that Hansen never was in trouble for what she did…

I am glad to see that movement is finally being made in the right direction. But the situation is still being discussed by Russia and America. Lets hope those talks do not collapse again…

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