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Adoption Talks Between Russia and America Still Going On…

While some agreement on conditions have been decided in the first three talks a fourth round of talks is being moved up to July instead of September.

This has been a long drawn out process because of trying to lay the ground work for future adoptions. Very few people have little knowledge that there was no controls for any child adopted by America. Russia has requested for years to have these controls enacted but America refused to listen until the escapade of an adopted boy who was sent back to Russia as defective merchandise. This promted Russia to freeze all adoptions by Americans and that freeze is still in effect until the new rules get installed by both parties…

A big issue right now is that America has no system in place to control what happens to the child between the state and federal level. So no one checks up properly after the adoption

Russian Child Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov has said, “…Such a complicated and delicate issue as adopting children and taking them abroad can’t be done without a proper legal base which a bilateral agreement should presuppose.”

I have followed this process from the beginning and have now come to the conclusion that Russia was correct and America has balked at regulations on adoption agencies with Russia. At first I thought why would they do that?

Lots Of Money For Adopted Kids…

I now understand after a lot of studying that there was huge money involved in the transactions of American‘s adopting children from Russia.  All Americans hear about is the corruption in Russia. But I am here to tell you that every bribe and corrupt deal in Russia paid there was an equal and opposite transaction in America…

I call that a form of child trafficking. Both countries were into it very deep and Russia realized that it had to stop…

My question is why did America refuse to communicate about this before when asked by Russia?

Why did it take a national scandal by an American woman shipping her adopted Russian child back home to Russia, as a “psychopathic” piece of luggage?

Guess what? That woman will never get in trouble and that is a sad thing…

Windows to Russia!


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